10 BEST Motorhomes and Luxury RVs that Only Rich Can Afford (2019 Edition)

There is really no limit to luxury. The motorhomes and recreational vehicles presented in this lineup prove the fact. In today’s video we are exploring the Classes C and A of travel vehicles that defy any humble ways of getting around the country. These enormous giants on wheels might affordable only to multimillionaires, but we can definitely enjoy observing their beauty.

Check out the full lineup below:

00:42 #10 Airstream Atlas: airstream.com/touring-coaches/atlas

If you want a camper from the US oldest camper manufacturer, look no further but Airstream Atlas, which is an all new model based on the successful Interstate Lounge.

01:46 #9 Tiffin Motorhomes Phaeton: tiffinmotorhomes.com/phaeton

Tiffin Motorhomes Phaeton is one of America’s favorite motorhomes designed to delivering superb travelling and recreation experiences.

02:47 #8 Adria Matrix: adria-mobil.com/motorhomes/matrix

The Slovenia Based manufacturer Adria Motorhomes has refreshed their lineup of RVs for the 2019 model year and their Matrix model could be easily named one of the best value motorhomes on the market.

03:46 #7 Pinnacle Luxury: pinnaclevehicles.com

India’s first expendable motorhome is based on the Force Motors Traveler van and it features a luxury package at a quite affordable price of $87,500 for the conversion.

04:50 #6 Sunliner Habitat: sunliner.com.au/our-range/motorhomes

Motohomes are often criticized for being too fragile to take them off-roading, however the Sunliner Habitat is equipped to tackle any terrain and will let you reach the most remote camping locations.

05:50 #5 VARIOmobil Signature: vario-mobil.com//en/signature.html

VARIOmobil Signature is an extraordinary 33 or 39-ft motorhome that has more features than an average apartment. It is custom built and is typically equipped with air conditioning, central gas heating, LED lighting, washer, dryer, and a dishwasher.

06:53 #4 Winnebago Aspect: winnebagoind.com/products/class-c/2015/aspect/overview

Winnebago’s name on any product means that it is high quality. The Winnebago Aspect RVbased on the chassis of Ford E-450 is a proof for that.

07:55 #3 2019 Newmar London Aire: newmarcorp.com/luxury-motor-coaches/london-aire

Newmar has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and out of that time they have been manufacturing luxury motor coaches for 38 years. Newmar London Aire is the latest entry to their lineup.

09:20 #2 Leisure Travel Vans Unity: https://leisurevans.com

The Canadian company Leisure Travel Vans is known for building high quality campers based on the Mercedes Sprinter platform and Unity is one of their most advanced models.

10:30 #1 Volkner Mobil: volkner-mobil.com/pressarea/press-perf.html

If you love traveling in an RV but want to bring along with you a small car, then Volkner Mobil Performance is the right giant for you. It can safely carry a small car in its underbelly ensures the most luxurious life.

11:14 BONUS Truck Surf Hotel: trucksurfhotel.com/the-truck

If you ever wanted to travel the Atlantic Ocean on the Europe’s side while surfing in the best locations, then Truck Surf Hotel will be the best place to stay.

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10 BEST Motorhomes and Luxury RVs that Only Rich Can Afford (2019 Edition)
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  1. Comparing this to Rolls Royce the Rolls Royce seems way over priced. The phaeton comes with a bathroom and everything you'll ever need!

  2. Just like regular cars, recreational vehicles come in different sizes, shapes and price segments, but it seems that manufacturers save their best ideas for the luxury price segment. Here are 10 amazing motorhomes that are coming in the upcoming months. Which one of these would you like to own?

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