Are IGN Scum!? – IGN Steal Review – Employee Fired!

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  1. Totally agree mate. It's nothing more than mob mentality off people who themselves probably get up to all sorts of crap.

  2. I can't work out if you are a contrarian or just an idiot. Sure, you have adopted click bait methods these days, but at least do some research before spending any time to produce this drivel. The guy had already ripped off a Nintendo Life review before he even started working for IGN, and that was for his own YouTube channel.

    With regards to IGN checking their reviews before putting them out, you do know there has never been a case of it at IGN. He was hired as the Nintendo editor at IGN and was incapable of doing his job. Rather than ask for help or more time, he just stole it. Personally, I have no time for thieves.

  3. Interesting that you bring up the Roman Games and the mentality that drove it. My feeling is that this mentality is still there to this day; a feeding fury ensues on a helpless individual, each person wanting to get some form of gratification from inflicting their scorn on them. OK, it's not a matter of lions and tigers ripping a person apart, but the verbal equivalent still applies. You might also consider the age range, mental or physical, of the sort of person that would do this.

    Directing your "anger" towards a corporation is far harder to do where they are effectively faceless and a face has already been put to the mob as far as the situation is concerned – yes, we are talking of a scapegoat. As another commenter already quoted from Guru Larry, you can't spell "Ignorant" without IGN, and situations like this certainly back up that kind of statement.

    As for WatchMojoJojo, who the f**k watches them anymore?

  4. I can't disagree with this video more, the man played videogames for a living, he had a dream job, there's no excuse for stealing somebody elses content.

  5. This is what I've thought about games journalism in general. The problem isn't the shill-ness, or whatever political cause they support, it's the fact they have to do all this work in such a short time. Of course it ends up substandard, or ripped off.

    Why else are soap operas such tripe? The publications need to give their writers more time and breathing room

  6. I heard about this
    This has blown up its everywhere at this point

    All I'll say is that Fillip (the guy that plagiarized Broomstick Gaming's review) has already been fired
    IGN should have checked to see if it had been copied from somebody else but
    He has gotten his punishment just let it off now

    I'll end it off with a very fitting quote

    "You can't spell Ignorant without IGN"

    -Guru Larry, 2017

  7. He absolutely deserved the boot. A "journalist" that is stealing somebody elses work and is making money off of it is just scum. Maybe others will learn from this.

  8. Excellent video – and it makes a great point. While Mr. Miucin's deeds are indeed morally questionable, we don't know what the circumstances are that could have led to his taking them. Overwork? Unreasonable deadlines? External demands? Personal difficulties? We may never know. But it's supremely ignorant behaviour to kick a man when he's down without being in full posession of the facts.

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