IGN Rips Off Video Game Review from YouTuber “Boomstick Gaming”

YouTube “Boomstick Gaming” accuses IGN of ripping off his review of Dead Cells. Follow me on social media: Website: http://www.tipsterproductions.com/ …


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  1. It's getting pretty pathetic how big youtube channels have lost their standards. I just wish he can claim all the money hes getting ripped off ! Holy shit this is really disturbing!

  2. I wasn't gonna believe this , I heard about it by someone else but then tipster and avidexpert both talk about it and show side by side comparisons… Wow… This is scandalous by ign .. how did this even get uploaded by them..

  3. You see, the thing with this is I don't think the guy at IGN thought he would get caught LOL he was lazy and thought he was slick and got busted hahaha good for him he deserves it. But at least the good part is Boomstick gaming has grown and Subs and has gained the attention that he deserves for his work that was clearly stolen from him.

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