IGN STEALS Smaller YouTuber’s Dead Cells Review?! | RGT 85

IGN is one of the biggest gaming websites in the world, but it appears they have been caught plagerizing a YouTuber named Boomstick Gaming’s Dead Cells …


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  1. His IQ is either really really low OR its really really high and he did it on purpose for exposure. No one seems to be realizing that its COMPLETELY OBVIOUS. To the point where heres screaming out on his review that he wants to be fired…come on guys. Nobody has even mentioned this.

  2. IGN doesn't get a pass, this is supposed to be professional journalism, blaming the individual is right, but to let IGN off the hook is irresponsible, and dangerous, if plagiarism isn't enough, what's it take for you to question IGN's work environment?

  3. All I could think of watching this was the Pitch Meeting videos on Screen Rant but in this case the scene started like, "So you made the deadline on short notice! How'd you do it?", "Well it was super easy, barely an inconvenience.."

  4. I agree what he did was completely wrong. No question about that and getting fired is a reasonable outcome for this situation. However, you may want to reconsider calling him your friend if you are going to railroad him like this. It’s good to be passionate about your work and what you do but when a “friend” makes a mistake that was clearly wrong you reach out to them and help them learn from their wrong doing not use his downfall to rally people around to throw hate towards him. Videos like this have fueled so much hate towards him all over social media. A “friend” would never do that.

  5. I've watched your podcast with spawn wave and I know you guys were always on with Filip but the way u threw him under the bus so fast just to create content is cold hearted,don't get me wrong I'm not saying what Filip did was good cuz it's not but if this Filip was his brother would he have gone all out to condemn him that way?.

  6. Why do you keep saying IGN stole this guy's content. IGN is not a person, a specific individual did this but you didn't bother to mention them by name. Instead you choose to make this generic statement encompassing everyone at a company as if this was some major conspiracy organized by everyone there

  7. Well thanks to the publicity, he's jumped up like 22,000 subscribers overnight

    And don't let this distract everybody from your Dirty Sanchez mustache that just keeps getting dirtier

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