MKBHD – OnePlus 6 BETTER Than Pixel!

MKBHD – OnePlus 6 BETTER Than Pixel! Original Marques Brownlee video: This video looks at the recent …


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  1. You have to take note that as soon as mkbhd made the video about pixel lag and switching to op6.. Google released Android Pie!!

  2. I would rather have the s9 plus, because i don't like oxygen os and i love touchwiz. And I just don't like the notch. I would never get the pixel 2 xl because headphone jack…

  3. What was the point of this video? To get some pie out of MKBHD's Youtube share? LOL. Not one point was original/unique or something people cannot infer for themselves. Another shitty channel 🙁

  4. All this talk about pixel phones lagging and getting slower foh! Nobody said anything about this till mkbhd said something. Now the entire pixel community is at an uproar about the pixel? It just proves that you all are a bunch of sheeps and are followers! All because of one man! I have the pixel 2 and I have not seen anything like what dude has said. Of course that 6 is faster. Its got all updated specs! Duuhhhh. Lets be realistic here. Put the pixel 2 up against the 5/5t and u'll see the same results. You all disgust me with your blind mind

  5. ASBYT – you need to come up with a new gimmick.
    The "what am I talking about…" post-edit honest self dialogue to the camera wannabe-hilarity is well past stale, it's now gone mouldy.

    Dude! You need to come up with something ORIGINAL.
    Your videos come across as uninspiring cheesiness. You get to the end of the video and ask yourself, "hold on, I've just wasted 07:10 minutes of my life for something that could have been conveyed in less time but I've also had to endure watching someone trying-but-dying to be funny."

    Either visit the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for some inspiration, or stop trying. Seriously dude, get with the programme.

  6. Hello there. Thanks for your great videos which I find informative and entertaining. I have a dilemma and that is do I purchase the Oneplus 6 now or wait for the Oneplus 6T to come out just before Xmas? Is it worth the wait? What do you say?
    Thanks. Raj

  7. I don't think the animation option is the solution though… Simply because the problem with Pixel 2 in MKBHD's video is the small lag BEFORE the animation started AFTER you hit the button, not DURING the animation itself.

  8. Are they purposefully slowing it down? Absolutely not. You know, when you broke your OP6 because you decided not to use a case + screen protecter, you looked dumb. Now you look even dumber. Why would they slow it down BEFORE the successor even comes out? Then it will be even harder to get people to upgrade when the next one comes out! These aren't hard concepts, just basic mechanics of business decisions! Also, I don't wanna hate, but I really don't feel like this video added enough. You basically summarized his video and used his content and dusted in some original ideas here and there, but I wouldn't rlly consider this original content.

  9. I feel like the OnePlus 6 is a better deal than the pixel 2 xl in general. But I got my pixel for like $545, so for me it's a better buy because I get a great camera, software experience and updates for at least 2 more years. I'm not really big on how fast and snappy my phone runs, so I'm pretty pleased with my purchase.

  10. You need to install the modded Google Camera apk for your specific phone, not just a generic Gcam if you want to get the outstanding image quality the app can offer with it's HDR+ processing…

  11. No I do not think Android or phone companies are making devices slow down to push you to another outside of Apple. But I do believe app makers are making their apps to process comands to require more powerful hardware. So in other words changing their apps to make use of ever increasing hardware performance. Here is the thing, the Pixel's biggest drawbaack is 4GB of RAM, that isn't enough for one of the elite smartphones. I think if they had a 6GB model, I would have thought about buying that more than my oneplus 6, but probably not as the cost is nuts!

  12. Slowing old device is 100% true.
    Small piece of batch file can easily do that.
    Something should be done on it really..

  13. I really wanna get a oneplus 6, but the warranty coverage is not really that great…i really need to figure out whether i want to just buy it….

  14. Considering all the problem s with one plus I can't help but wonder if tech reviewers on you tube are just shilling for communist china .china is famous for toxic toys poison baby food defective products. pollution that kills millions.Zero human rights….Stop helping the evil that china is.

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