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  1. If its an Asian game or Anime, it always receives a low rating. If its more western and Comic based like Injustice then it gets a high review? Lol

  2. My Yakuza experience is "Brawler" style to crush generic goons (98% of fights) and other 2% are boss fights using "Rush/Brawler" styles. Other styles were not needed.
    Story is good, but extremely long-winded.
    Overall good game, better than part 6.

  3. I've always wanted to get into the Yakuza series but I always wanted to play them in order. Looks like I'll be buying this which is 30% off on the playstation store

  4. I've only played this One. And One of the Series on the ps3. ** Don't remember which One it was** .
    But i remember all the hours spending with this Game on the ps2. My Brother bought me this Game back at that time on the ps2. And Today i bought this Version for ps4 Steelbook Edition in Germany. Haven't played it yet. But i'm gonna play it in a few hours. I CAN'T WAIT!!!
    But i have One question… is this the only Game of the Series in which you have to take care of that little girl?! I can't remember her name…

    Sry for my bad english…

  5. Can anybody tell me.. that this is remake version? Coz if this a remake from first yakuza then i dont hv to buy ps2 to play the first yakuza

  6. I cringed at the way he pronounced Yakuza

    Anyone else? IGN is just TRASH with pronouncing Japanese names, remember when they reviewed Naruto? Got almost every single character's name wrong ?

  7. This game was amazing.
    Also, "Short length"? I'm clocking in at 30 hours and still haven't finished the game, this crazy game length expectations by reviewers really need to end. Less is more. I''d rather play a slighty shorter game than a really long game that has me grind for hours.

  8. Idk anything about the yakuza series but i,ve seen some reviews and it calls my interest , i think ill buy this from amazon im, it is ok to start the story with this one ? I mean is this the first one remastered? Sorry for bad english

  9. The bio shock series just doesn’t do anything for me, and many others, but by most they are called amazing games. However I love the Yakuza series. I think some games are just either “love it” or “hate it” and I don’t think yakuza was for this reviewer

  10. Playing rite now at the funeral scene got this game for 20 bucks with steel case and love it and u should also play yazuka dead souls

  11. I give this a 10 out of 10. Vast improvement over the original. Plus, I was just playing the original on PS2 right around the time Sega announced the remaster and holy crap it blew my mind at the thought of it. When I got it everything about it looked and felt better immediately when playing. The load times were a huge problem on the original PS2 version, but not anymore as they're non existent. Smooth 60 fps too. Great story and improved combat etc etc. Buy this game it's worth every penny.

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