Fasten Your Crypto Seatbelts: Why A New Bubble Could Soon Get Started

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  1. The more educated you get, and the space as a whole, you would want to hold your private keys and not on a 3rd party solution. And in time, this will force price up. Education is key.

  2. Oh well there's always CNN or the BBC to fall back on…. they've never done anything wrong or peddled lies and hate or been a part of causing wars… Yet still millions of sheep feed off the garbage media then go around spewing out nonsense whilst acting like moral saviours. This is why censorship is one of the biggest issues in the world today. Some people can't be saved. The Ban on Alex Jones is just the beginning.. let's see where this leads as it could be a catalyst for change in social media / big tech / block chain media.. who knows… maybe Alex even wanted it to go this way, he's far from stupid and has tricks up his sleeve I've no doubt.

  3. Bro like each one for those stories was just PR FUD n muddying up the original idea of cryptos. Its crazy to hear how things are being framed now to promot centralization.

  4. Omar how can you even possibly say that the bitcoin dominance chart has been a good future indicator? what? that is basically a speculative vs savings chart covering digital tokens. Bitcoin is savings, everything else is speculation and garbage. When people are going broke they consolidate into bitcoin. When speculative shit fails it goes to 0 overnight. Really irresponsible to suggest there's meaning in that chart, even more irresponsible to suggest alts cant go down as much as bitcoin can from this point.

  5. BTC useless now and unless its centralised (jewish bankers run it), is too slow and expensive to be useful. BCH is Bitcoin. BTC is a useless gambling instrument

  6. Only 21M bitcoins ever. Allot more than 21 millionaires in the world today. Once bitcoin is mass adopted. To be a millionaire in the future all you need is one bitcoin.

  7. If I purchase $100 of crypto on coinbase, its about a $3 fee, then to sell it off for a bank deposit is another $3, so yeah, it has to move about 6% for me to break even.

  8. people are clouded by greed with the cryptocurrency, the real money is in the actual method of creating a blockchain. notice you haven't seen many companies use any of the start up coins, the large capital companies are on stock market are buildingtheir own blockchain implementations to solve thier problems.

  9. Omar, glad you made that summation that if the established banking system "tames" crypto they will control it and, as we have seen in the past, outlaw any system they do not control. The whole reason that Bitcoin exploded was due to it being distributed, immutable, and secure. A system that could not be supposed or controlled by any agent, government, tyrant, entity, etc. I know everyone is excited to see the value of their holdings increase – I am too, just not at the cost of reinventing the dollar.

  10. i do hear and read for 7 months long btc to moooooon soon, nothing happens so lets be patient moonboysmeanwhile keep drawing picassos on yr charts there will always be one pattern to show you that btc mooooons tomorrow to 30k???

  11. Why a New Bubble Could Soon Get Started?.. Goldman Sachs is entering the market and will inflate the shit out of whatever for their own personal gain. I am convinced they would try to sell me dog shit wrapped in cat shit if they felt like it might benefit them.

  12. The only positivity I’m seeing is from crypto channels on YouTube, while the price continues to ratchet down. There is at least a 65% chance going under $5k.

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