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  1. I think it isn't so weird. I don't necessarily agree with the little guy getting away with it either, but culturally we've always liked underdog stories and that goes from Little Mac to Bonnie and Clyde. Part of it is because the big and powerful gets away with so much and don't always earn their wealth. However one thing that is common, the Bank Robbery and Mugging make the news, you see the person's face and have something to put to the crime. You have a bank defraud thousands of people, and you rarely see a face to that, but you know that it's not just individual loan officers working to defraud these people, they are being told to do so from higher ups that also do their best to look the other way.

    So really, in the occasion that you get someone like Bernie Madoff, where he is someone near the top signaled out, people come down on him even harder just because it is so rare that one would be caught and exposed in such a manner. I guess, people also love fall from grace stories, as well, to be honest.

    But I dunno, I agree what you mean in this. Even extending it to fan-made games, fans get really enraged and take pity on those developers, but no one has ever started or completed a fan game without knowing Nintendo has the right and inevitability to shut down their project because it isn't their original work, and if they ever wanted them to not do so, they could just make this project be of their own original work.

  2. Everyone who actually cared about Nintendo left IGN ages ago to have careers at Nintendo or other things. Also sucks that people have lost faith in journalists in general, they're for the most part people doing their jobs to inform people to the best of their ability. They mess up sometimes and that's normal, it's also normal for them to step down for it.

    Sensationalist news sources and stuff like Fox news are pretty shit though, manipulating idiots with extremely obvious lies and misleading headlines just to make money off a group of angry people.

    Anyway IGN fired the guy, which was the best course of action for a business like that. Doubt the guy gets any redemption.

  3. I did a video on Sunday defending reviewers and slamming idiots who claim the media is bought and paid for. Then of course this incident happens the NEXT day. Of course in my video I did say that Reviewers are honest and wouldn't risk their reputations by "selling out" because if they are found out their careers are over, no one would trust them. So IGN HAS to fire this guy because this guy threw away his career for nothing and it's going to take IGN awhile to earn their viewers trust again – especially a viewership who thinks they are bought and paid for by the gaming companies anyway and don't understand how reviews work.

  4. Fun fact about Filip Miucin: He doesn't know what Mother 3 is. Not joking. He has no idea that Mother 3 is a 15 year-old Japanese GBA game. You can see for yourself in a video from the last month or two, something like "New updates on 5 upcoming Switch games" or something like that. The whole video is a lot of misleading nonsense, but that's beside the point.

    It gets to Mother 3, and he has…no idea what he's talking about. The Nintendo editor of the largest games media site. He's rambling and he thinks it isn't a game that's even been developed yet. Not that it hasn't been localized: HE DOESN'T KNOW IT EXISTS.

    Like it was said… It sucks for anyone to lose their job. I can't root for that, I'd never get gratification from that… But when you combine this fuck-up with what I just mentioned… If he does lose his job, it's as understandable as it gets, indeed. I mean, this was just a bad hire by IGN, honestly. On top of everything, the guy is awkward as fuck. Nothing against him; he was just painful to watch. IGN should have hired you, me, literally at least half of the people watching this video before they ever hired this guy. Hopefully he lands on his feet, but what can you say? He is clueless and strung-out. No surprises.

  5. That's what I though "Gamergate" was always about. The transparency that "moral" code within the industry dictates whether applicants are successfully fielded to receive validation as "ethical" journalists. I teeter on allowing people to compromise some social morals/mores if it means they can create an expose; that's why hypothetically I align myself with the "little guy" because intelligence in a sense of "free thought" should be priceless; and powers that be that suppress "expose'" or muckraking may be viewed as trying to limit intelligence in the "free market." Citations are supposed to be the solution; but aren't citations also defined as fines? Essentially people are afraid to communicate new ideas in major markets on my opinion; and for those who do exercise free thought it was and always will be a slow crawl as censorship and powerful narratives vie to actually be accessible on platforms. There are good ones out there; you're one of them! However seeing youtube advertisements be dictated from what marketing can do with intelligence is a slippery slope; When EA had the intelligence people would do micro transactions for Star Wars it was accepted; Same thing when Microsoft steered for paid online; however to talk about these things on major gaming networks is unheard of; It's redefined as some dating Soap Opera, and information gets lost without "grass roots" investigations… That seldom make money or get appreciated for making ethical decisions on their coverage.

  6. I absolutely agree that most gamers have a double standard when it comes to cases like this. I'm not gonna lie when you mentioned ROMs that cut me deep ? Guilty as charged.

  7. A slap on the wrist could be that Filip is banned from doing review or being part of the podcast, or even given privileges like travels for events, etc. The worst for him would be termination and it will ruin his career. Plagiarism is a zero tolerance, no matter why the media is. Real shame, Filip looked like a nice person.

  8. Many big "professional" game "journalists" don't play games. Or they only play the first few hours at most.

    IGN wouldn't know what integrity was if it hit them in their ass.

  9. This was a good video Mr Tee, however if I may say though I don't think that the guy should get fired he should have the integrity to walk away. He has a following on YouTube and while he is IGN it goes to show that it's too much for him with the dead lines and everything. If nothing happens more gaming media personalities will continue the trend and will hid behind a title which blend the line of commentary and journalists. I would encourage people not to go to IGN but to Philip.

  10. I agree with you, stealing is stealing, no matter what stance it is. I find it amazing that this dude had to steal someone else’s review. I’m guessing it’s because he couldn’t make a deadline. If you can’t do the job, then you should quit. Plagiarism is, or at least when I was in high school, was ground into our heads from English class. Filip probably didn’t think anyone would notice, but come on think: if someone is doing the SAME job as you (in this case making and editing game reviews) then they follow the same media outlets as you do. You work for one, if not, the biggest video game websites in the world, IGN. Filip didn’t think he would not see it? Boomstick is in the business of course he going to see it.

    Sadly, Filip may get the boot to preserve IGN’s reputation.

  11. Dude should get fired for this. There are no excuses for this especially when this is his job that they're paying him for. This is like journalism 101 and it makes me wonder how the hiring process goes for bringing in asshats like him.

    Back when I was in college, if people were caught plagiarising, they were kicked out of that school, no exceptions. IGN needs to follow this. If not, then they are just digging themselves in a deeper grave that they're already in.

  12. I stopped watching IGN some time ago. THERE are far better small GAMING news channel's available,just like yours.THEY like mainstream media have lost my respect completely.

  13. IGN: Irritating Gaming Nonsense! A man who didn't own a Wii-U runs the Nintendo side of IGN. It's not even just the fact that he skipped the console, it would also have been him essentially shunning all the Nintendo software on that system too. Shocking behaviour but utterly expected. It's clear that many of these big sites don't even play half the games they review and these rushed out videos are a clear indication of that. Same thing with GameSpot and DK Country, people clearly reviewing a game they hardly put time into. Stealing ass mofos. Oh, great video btw haha.

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