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  1. Not your usual (arcade) racing game!
    I played trackmania over a decade ago, and I remembered it being a unique and fun game. When I first played the new versions of trackmania, last year, I found them annoying, irritating, but with something nice about them.

    I played again when turbo was free in PS+ and I learned how to appreciate the game. It happened because I already knew that this wasn't an easy racing, an usual arcade, or a lap racing game, it has another purpose! It's about perfection (but not realism), and controlling your emotions – seriously, repeating the same thing every ten seconds can be really annoying.
    Plus, I'm having a lot of fun making custom maps that are easier (and are actual races, like those with laps in the game) to couch play!

    I guess what I wanted to say is that this is a unique game, and it can be terrible for some, great for others, or just vanilla, depends on what you want from the game. If you're open minded or like challenges and have an old arcade game nostalgia, have fun! (:

  2. I think this game is what it should be. Nothing crazy, just a good fun game to play alone, with friends on or offline. Enough time to spend on it and has a lot of rewards. It runs super smooth and has a lot of options like duo and a great creator mode. Solid 8.3 for me. Really enjoy this game

  3. Occasionally frustrating you say. Haha, you've never made it too the black series I see. This is the Cuphead of driving games!! You have to gold medal everything to unlock the black series.and once there, the courses are so challenging you might spend a whole week just mastering one course.

  4. This isn't a racer it's a time trial it's basically like mario kart time trials the multiplayer is JUST like mario kart time trials nothing is in real time and you can't even touch other cars

  5. Bugs me how i cant control my car while in the air. Some of the turning also pisses me off. For some reason i was thinking rush sanfransico 🙁

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