The Secret Android Button

Other Android button video – The Pressy is around $10 – Physical buttons for your smartphone are a cool …


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  1. There is an for this , ofc 🙂 called " SoundAbout" that allows you to set audio to phone speakers even when headset is plugged in:
    Really stupid that this feature is not included in the pressy app itself.

  2. You slaves and your phones …such fake people, And nothing you have to say is of any importance…its all bullshit your masters told you…sigh.

  3. You don't have to use Pressy to launch the Camera app on Samsung devices because double-tapping the home button will automatically toggle the Camera app.

  4. The preview is misleading. It looked like a video about confusing the S-pen for some magical new button that nobody had discovered when, in reality, it's about another idiot that didn't realize it could be pulled out and used as a stylus.
    It would be the second time for that, but I prefer the broken headphone connector that you wiggle to activate stuff.

  5. Stupid gimmick. You can toggle mute on an S8/S9 by simply holding the volume-down rocker. You can lauch the camera by double tapping the side power button. And flashlight, well, thats just a click and a swipe away so I think I'll just deal with that instead of having a friggin button at the bottom of my device

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