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Bitcoin (BTC) Update: Price Unable To Stay Above $7,000 Amidst News Of Tightening EU Regulations And Futures Contract Expiration. Our market is being manipulated every single day which is massively impacting volatility. Whales shouldn’t be able to scam the little guy like this. Fully automated markets could be the solution to bringing balance to crypto markets. If a 22 yr old shitcoin dev can fly out to Vegas and eat but with 2 pornstars I’m telling you now, anything is possible. Got to ask yourselves why CNBCFastMoney isn’t covering real crypto stories like this. Bitcoin Transaction Value Reaches $1.3T As It Passes PayPal And Discover. NASDAQ Ready to List & Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum & other Cryptos by 2019. 113M Yahoo Finance US Users can now Buy & Sell BTC, ETH, BCH & LTC. On Sep 5 Bittrex is launching US dollar (USD) markets for Cardano (ADA) and Zcash (ZEC). EOS Great News, Dan Larimer’s New Announcements (29th Aug). Basic Attention Token Has Crossed A Major Milestone. Billions Worth of XRP Transferred in Seconds, Fees Less Than a Penny – Is Ripple the Big Fish? BRICS Countries Sign Blockchain Agreement.

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  1. Crypto LOVEEEEEEE…… When are you going to show love to the GEMS???? How have you not done this.. You've always have been the first to find GEMS. You're slacking.. Just kidding 🙂 But seriously, why are you not talking about OneLedger? Pchain? Edenchain??

  2. BRICS is an acronym for major emerging economies. So USA would have to decline all the way third world status, so they could *become great again, again*, before they could join that club.

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