Bitcoin and Crypto Market Crashes $35 Billion! – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin falls almost $1000 in a single day as Bitcoin and the Crypto Market Crashes $35 Billion! Just WTF is going on? Let’s have a drink and laugh at the weak hands that got driven out today.

Tune in and find out! Tune in 10:30 am CST every day to learn about Bitcoin, Altcoins and Crypto market news.

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  1. Hey Buddy! It's 4:57 EST, and I've been watching the crypto live charts all day and I see the markets rising slowly . But rising, nonetheless. I also see a trend happening before my eyes. Egypt introducing Cryptocurrency ATM's all over their country. Uzbekistan president signed a decree legalizing the sale and trade of cryptocurrency. Other countries may follow suit. Could this be a sign that the Markets are banning together to combat the BULLS and their sneaky attack yesterday? Also, did the BULLS know about what's going on in the rest of the world to cause them to set up a crash of the Crypto Market? Interesting to think about. However, It looks like your prediction is realizing. Lets see ! Just started following your stream. I'm hooked.

  2. The KBC coin which is the only cryptocurrency backed by Gold is the Crypto of the future and you will be able to use it in any country with the use of the Blockchain Phone investigate it and see the future at your finger tips

  3. A new higher high needs to be formed before a bull market is going to start. Till then we are very much still in a bear market and you have to trade accordingly if you're not trying to get rekt.

  4. How to stop bitcoin whales !

    Bitcoin is manipulated by whales there is a way to stop whales letting the price rise then sink it, people panic cash in lose money and then they buy them back again cheaper make millions and and do it again

    The key to get rid of these is for every Jo public to go and buy there bitcoin to stop them buying it more cheaply and everytime they dump and move market you buy, that leaves them losing bitcoin and money

    Obviously were not all millionaires and can't compete but if people learned to join forces and buy what they can afford, on these dips taking the bitcoins dumped off the whales the market would be a much better place and bitcoin would be controlled by the masses not the elite

    The way to do it is simple, getting the numbers to join forces and shift financial markets for the elite to the people is the only way, whatever u can afford to risk no matter how small would all help the cause

    And you would definitely be rewarded long term

  5. 100% agree, George ! Goldman is behind this all the way ! Wallet + Goldman bombshell negative News both on the same day ? = Collusion. Also, the bottom is 100 BIL for BTC or approx. $5,900, since in order to justify a BTC-ETF, a minimum of 100 BIL market cap seems to be necessary.

  6. this is a game for psychopaths…emotional people buckle and lose..psychopaths have no emotions so are steadier and often heads of corporations and multimillionaires… ofcourse they will groom the market and manipulate and take what they can!! it is their forte so how can we be surprised!!

  7. It´s not only weak hands, it´s more long positions being liquidated and triggering more liquidations on the way down. The weak hand react to that and panic sell as well.

  8. I understand your message but I can't help but look at the market as very fragile if something as vague as a news article about Goldman Sachs can cause a shift this big. The other possibility is manipulation and that level of manipulation is catastrophic for any hope of an ETF or institutional investors joining. Either way…it's no bueno.

  9. George do you really believe it is weak hands? The whole crypto market is manipulated. No different than any other monetary system. Ive been pretty disulliosioned with cryptos although Im still hodling….one can ask why?

  10. 1: ETF WILL BE DENIED. Guys, all the signs were obvious just prior… Silk road movement, shorts adding without longs, topping out odf RSI, and everyone and their mother saying "it's different this time". 2: People that scream "manipulation" are part of the problem. Those that lack the ability to use objective thinking and have pennies compared to whales' c-notes will continue getting wrecked. 3: Cryptos R Us is one of the most realistic crypto channels on YouTube. George always reminds fearful enthusiasts to buy dips and hold. Unfortunately most don't they panic.

  11. Not sure why the talk of manipulation is so shocking to people. Jim Cramer is on record as admitting to as much via hedge funds with traditional markets; utilizing media, rumors, coordinating manipulated sentiment with price action creating the conditions they want to capture gains or establish positions. Is it happening in crypto? Of course it is. Does that matter? Not unless you trade with emotion; panic sell or FOMO.

  12. You know this past 9 months have provided a great opportunity to see which projects really seem to have the right stuff. Many projects stalled out completely. But a few projects were pushing hard all year hitting all milestones or exceeding them, following their roadmaps, building infrastructure, gaining partnerships, users, etc. I've been watching very closely and my 14 coins has become 5. There are others of course but those are the ones I've chosen to focus on, due to how impressive they've been. This is a great opportunity to consolidate, reevaluate and accumulate at what will, I believe, be one day seen as "if I'd only" prices.

  13. You can kiss any hope of an ETF goodbye with manipulation like this. Take a look at Crypto99's last video. He shows the order book on bitfinex in real time. Its unreal.

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