Taking A Break From YouTube…

How much YouTube is too much YouTube…? WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS… The Samsung Foldable Smartphone is Real…


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  1. A guy showed me his data usage a week ago. 992GB, this MONTH, on his smartphone Unlimited plan! I thought I was out of control at 30GB. ??????

  2. Well beat 57 hours, 10 hours today and 16 hours yesterday. Yesterday had videos running on my laptop for a couple hours at least while I was out. Also I watch all my videos at x2 speed. So you half that time.

  3. "Watch less YouTube, enjoy your life, get away from the screen for a while…"
    "Oh, btw here are 43 Unbox Therapy videos in the description because if you don't watch WillyDo probably won't eat for a month"

    i dont have a phone to check the app…but i know for a fact i probably have a very large average weekly watch time. in my house we dont have cable…just internet. i have schizophrenia and depression, so i watch a lot of entertaining/educational/gaming videos to keep me distracted when im actually in front of the screen. however, most of the time its on in the background while i play with my kids or cook meals or clean the house. so im not always watching, but YouTube is usually on

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