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  1. I feel like I've seen this review before….

    Yeah it's absolutely the same game since 2-3 years ago. They better off just updating the roster and jersey of the previous games

  2. 2K needs a reboot. Gameplay is stale. Graphics especially color and courts are bland. Live is knocking on the door and if they put some effort into franchise and keep up general improvements they're gonna kick that door in next year and 2K will be screwed.

  3. No mention of the recycled content, that's a sin in gaming industry and you make no mention of itz shame on IGN. 2K19 is 2K18 with a bit of zoom that makes it look like it has better graphics, but it is just a bit of tweaking that's all, even the cross-handed Blake Griffin avatar is the same, I mean exactly the same as in '18, same with David Alridge. Recycling content for me is the worst practice a game developer can do. As long as they keep buying it, they keep making it with mild improvements.

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