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  1. This game is fuckn attrocious! A disgrace. Putting hyper drifter in a shitty brawler? Maybe the worst genre in gaming. With a longlivity of zero. Its like Putting deckard from bladerunner in Disneys frost. Why do people get so excited and want to mix and match different universes?? Why is that so compelling destroying characters? Predator vs Alien?Why is that cool?! I just dont fuckn get it. Where any of those movies good? No they sucked!!! Its an abomination Putting the drifter in a brawler with maybe the worst silliest mariachi wrestler douche in history of indiegaming.. I just cant stand those games. so im Gonna pretend this game never even happened. But i Will think long and hard before ever buying a new hyperlight 2. if that ever happens..for me this is the worst things that can happen in movies and gaming. Fans destroys their heroes that was this game is about. Some dudes thought it was cool to pit drifter in a brawler.. Seriously!?!! I thought it was cool supporting drifter and such a beautiful beautiful game. sporting a drifter tee. Bought the first copy of the game.. Well Not any more.
    I give this game 1000 ???

  2. Exactly my issue with the game. A Indie Smash-like would be excellent… with well known indie characters. Original but generic animal characters aren't going to cut it, or it feels like a basic Smash clone.

    Where's Shovel Knight? Otus from Owlboy? Shantae? Hat Kid for A Hat in Time? Maybe some unique picks like the Chroma Squad or Jettomero?
    Even having moves that feel like they were taken straight from Smash would be easily forgiven if the characters were recognizable iconic indie characters. That's why the guest characters are the most fun to play!
    Imagine the recognizable areas. The fantastic remixes! The cameos and the items straight from the sources!

    I guess I'll just have to keep dreaming about the perfect Indie Smash…

  3. such a waste to make this a switch exclusive. they could have catered to millions of players who want to play smash again but dont want to spend the money on another nintendo system just to have 3 games (smash, zelda, and mariokart)

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