Fancy new carnival games and virtual reality arcade! Two Bit Circus

The Crane Couple is at Two Bit Circus, a fancy new arcade with modern carnival games, virtual reality arcade games, and much more! Come join us as we try …


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  1. Hello everyone! We really hope you enjoy our video from Two Bit Circus – it's brand new and has a lot of cool new things for you and others to see! Let us know what you think and have an awesome day 🙂

  2. WOW! That place as awesome. Those games looked like so much fun. We bought a VR headset and have been having so much fun with it so this place is right up our alley right now. 🙂 I need to get our West so bad! You guys have the coolest stuff!

  3. I was debating going to this thinking they would have a crazy version of a claw machine but that sad little cube paled in comparison to those VR games! Pass for me but great video, Crane Couple!

  4. I rememered that you posted on Instagram that you were there! That looks like an AWESOME place!! I wish I can go to somewhere fun like that. I've never went to an arcade before :'D But amazing vid! Now I have to do my homework. Have a great rest of the day! – Kathy ?

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