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  1. Just wish they had used full potential of PS3 to Atleast made it look decent because it doesn’t make sense how old
    Games look better than this
    It looks like a PS2 port

  2. If this story wasn’t so short/easy, it would be one of the best games ever made but it was very anticlimactic story wise. The Tower and Black Hand were way too easy

  3. Ugh this game looks so disgusting. I would have enjoyed playing if it wasn't for the countless GORE scenes to I guess fill the fetish of the general desensitized public these days.

  4. I just bought this game at a dollar store for $8.00 (yes, don't let the word "dollar" fool you with these stores). But then discovered that there's also a Game Of The Year edition. That ticks me off SO much! This keeps happening to me. I don't even trust buying PS4 games without doing some research first about other possible editions.

  5. i honestly think that the combat in shadow of mordor flows much better then arkham because in shadow of mordor the animations seem i dont know better and i can actually counter when im attacking

  6. I started playing it and the game is kind of boring, the world is dull and horrible, it's not really fun to travel through, the fighting is super easy and repetitive. I took on 20 guys and won easily enough, but it doesn't feel rewarding and I feel like I run into a captain every two seconds, and when I run into one another one will appear out of the blue which is really annoying. I kind of just want to blast through the main story now and hope that it will somehow get better.

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