Batman: Arkham Origins Review

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  1. I don’t get why people didn’t like this game, this was the game to play? my fav Batman game in the franchise, the sorry was maxing and also online was like my life

  2. I was going to type a long comment defending the game and talk about how it has so much negativity towards it only because its not Arkham City, BUT I'm glad to say, by the looks of it, many other commenters share my opinion and already have me covered.

  3. You're wrong about the lack of easter eggs. There are plenty of references to Asylum and City in this game. I also like how it took the plot of Dark Tomorrow and literally gave you the first part of that game in this one, but you still have to play Asylum and City to see how deep Ra's Al Ghul's plan really goes.

  4. I loved this game but then I was lucky to only encounter two glitches and only one required resetting my game. My biggest grip is despite having 2x the map size of Arkham City it has a little less the content of that game.

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