12 Best Electric Motorcycles to Buy in 2017 (Prices and Technical Specs Compared)

If you are worried that the zero emission trend influenced only the cars, trucks and vans, then fear no more. Many motorcycle manufacturers are trying to keep up with the demand for the quiet, fast and efficient transport by electrifying their motorcycle lineup.

While some enthusiasts deny buying motorbikes that don’t produce the iconic motor sound, there are many riders, who enjoy the instant torque that all electric motorcycles have. Who do you support?

Motorcycles reviewed in this video:

NXT One: www.nxtmotors.com/

AERO E-RACER MOTORCYCLE: www.aeromotorcycles.it/

Energica EGO: www.energicamotor.com/energica-ego-electric-motorcycle/

BRUTUS 2: brutusmotorcycle.com/brutus2.html

Lito Sora: soraelectricsuperbike.com/

Alta Motors Redshift SM: www.altamotors.co/redshiftsm/

Lightning Motorcycles LS 218: http://lightningmotorcycle.com/

Johammer J1: www.johammer.com/en/electric-motorcycle/

Victory Empulse TT: www.victorymotorcycles.com/en-

Volt Lacama: www.italianvolt.com/index_EN.html

Zero SR: www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-s/sr.php

Zero FXS: www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-fxs/


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  1. The higher purchase price is offset but the minimal maintenance costs. But if cars are any indicator, you'll need a new battery in 5 or so years. Shouldn't get a used one and are you going to risk a new one from Ebay? My 1978 CB750 still runs like it's new.

  2. I have a Honda Grom a Yamaha Zuma just 2 cruise around & go have fun with never thought I would say this. but these electric shit's r pretty damn cool.. I mean I like the sound of Motors n aftermarket pipes & all that shit but some different just unique & ?

  3. I like what there doing but here in lies the problem unlike gas you can get it anywhere there are only a few grades . Now if these all electric bike want to survive you need a standard to go buy you can't have thirty different makes and models of batteries . You need a standard battery pack with certain grades of kWh batteries all the same size with same plugs so you can go anywhere to swap one out if need be or charge from home . Every gas station and Wal-Mart could carry them and charge them on the spot no need for you to wait around just swap and go .

  4. Lacama and Zero SR are very nice. Zero SR starts around 16k but you want the 22k model, and the Lacama starts at 38k. ;/ they are both nice but Zero SR looks to be the nicest for your money.

  5. You lost my interest at 50 mile range. Takes the freedom out of riding. You might want to make a bike that is designed for riding to the grocery store and back.

  6. Sorry to say this but these motor cycles should have half the range of electric cars surly. That means around 200 miles at top speed as most top electric cars now can do 400 miles on a charge. So to me these bikes have it wrong still.

  7. Very boring that except for the odd scooter, almost all electric bikes are designed with that style as for competition tracks, when people really do not spend more time on a race track or uncovered terrain for competitions. People stay more in streets and highways, therefore the proposal that should predominate is that of the motorcycle that having an attractive appearance, that being powerful and fast allows the driver and passenger to enjoy comfort and functionality when walking daily in streets and roads. To get new electric bikes to the market should be inspired by chooper models emulating the classic, elegant, sexy and beautiful Harley Davindson, Kawasaky Vulcan, Suzuki Boulevard C50T, Honda Gold Wind, Yamaha Virago, Honda Pacific Coast and Bajaj Avenger designed to comfortably ride in them with its back for the passenger companion, with very nice side saddlebags, and with its spacious and beautiful rear trunk. These accessories can even be offered by the manufacturer to access more profits and the buyer has more benefits as well. What a pity that when talking about new models of electric motorcycle, one goes to the toilet low the lever and always see, always the same types of electric motorcycles pretending to be almost all motorcycles for race tracks.

  8. I just love riding so if the bike is comfortable and handles well I am happy. For me riding is a peaceful relaxing experience. The freedom and enjoyment make it practically a religious experience for me.

  9. Well known manufacturers have been really quiet. Like Honda. Yamaha. Etc. Up till now rich entrepreneurs are making them. I wood hang it out before they bring there's out. Sure they holding them back while selling there petrol stock and future designs already in process. I think they shock us all

  10. Make me a bike that carries 2 people + luggage that can get 300 miles per charge at a consistent speed of 85mph, do 150+mph top speed and be charged back up in 30-40 minutes and a price tag no more than $20k and I'll be sure to buy one A.S.A.P. lmmfao

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