Big Ethereum Development, Crypto Movie, & BTC Mining War Heats Up – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News – Vitalik announces big development update for Ethereum, California comes down on political donations, Alex Jones Paypal Drama, Cryptocurrency movie coming, and the United Nations getting into crypto.

Ethereum Updates

Trust Machine Trailer


UN Binance






Trush machine article



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  1. As for "e-bang", the word "bang" in Korean means "room." It's pronounced bong, like the thing you might smoke out of. Could have the same meaning in Chinese. Or, they could just be clueless of the English meaning.

  2. PayPal are a bunch of crooks. I've had friends running internet businesses who got "suspended" for 6-9 months with ZERO recourse, all the while PayPal held thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Wouldn't answer phone calls, wouldn't respond to lawyers. Why not? They don't have to. They OWN the money. There is ZERO recourse. The world needs crypto more than ever.

  3. Big changes are coming to the big tech firms. Both founders of Instagram resigned today. Google CEO resigned during the N Korea talks (servers were in N Korea), and 8 Execs resigned from Facebook. They're all going down.

  4. I have always liked your content Lark, but I don't like this new setup for your videos. The previous format was more engaging and kept my eyes busy, but now I'm just looking at the crazy painting you and trying to figure out what books you have on your bookshelf.

  5. Wow!  Thanks for the news.    …all of it, but especially the news about the blockchain movie.  Think about it—- what better way to explain to general public than a movie. It doesn't matter how well it does so long as it gets out there.   It'll raise questions (they made a movie about bitcoin?..huh?), it'll garner more awareness,…which will ultimately lead to more and more acceptance.      Awesome!  I'm so glad I'm already /have been invested.

  6. What is your name? Crypto Lark or Fun Lark or it is Justice Lark.. I think it is all of that "and beyond"… Thanks You bring some thrue belives to all of us. People need this

  7. Lark, I like the camera shot of your office, more than the video screens. I think you are on to something with that, maybe play around with the office look, but it works for me. It seems everyone is using the video background, so it kinda differentiates you.

  8. Companies will always have the right to refuse service to anyone. It is when the government is pressuring them to do so that there is a problem.

    The solution is decentralized blockchain. XRP won't help people like Jones. Anything with a company that can be pressured by the government to claw back his transactions, shut down his accounts, etc. won't help. This is why the difference between centralized vs. decentralized crypto is so important.

    Right now I suspect in the Jones case it is only the companies blacklisting him, not the current US administration, as it seems to think a lot like him. But the warning to us all is that the power we give to those suppressing our enemies can later be used to also suppress us. And in many cases (e.g. Wikileaks) it is absolutely the government applying the pressure on these companies.

  9. Love the video, Lark. Definitely got the community engaged. It seems that all but the fringe agree that censorship is unacceptable. The more challenging issue is weighing the free speech rights of a large private company against the free speech rights of a (small) voice. I suppose in this case it depends on how one views PayPal. Is PayPal providing a service important enough to silence PayPal’s free speech rights (to deny service) when exercised over a far less powerful enterprise?

  10. Lark loves alex jones, a man who claims interdimensional child molestors are a thing and attacks random people on the streets calling them lizard people and more.

  11. People can hate on Angry Alex but I dont know anyone else whos sneaked into Bohemian Grove with a camera (That video is a right of passage to any & all budding conspiracy theorists). Censorship of free speech is wrong despite whether you support the speakers agenda or not. Thanks for your work here. Great video… Nicely arranged novels.

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