IGN Reviews – Captain America: Super Soldier Game Review

IGN gives its video review for the new game Captain America: Super Soldier. Captain America is reporting for duty. But is the game worth recruiting? IGN’s …


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  1. The graphics are not that great, the platforming is terrible, the story is forgettable but the combat is really really fun. Could have been a great game if it wasn't tied to a movie.

  2. i dont get the bad reviews from what i hear everyone likes the game i do as well its just only critics like these that have a strange dislike towards it

  3. The shield was so fun to use, it's so different, I say it's a good game, worth a buy, It may not be Arkham (and it should be different than Arkham) but still a step forward, hope we get a better quality Cap game in the future!

  4. I just played the game and it's actually quite enjoyable, I think the problem might be that some people go into this game expecting something like Arkham asylum, but don't do that

  5. avengers wise this is the best out of the games iron man, hulk, thor. i give this a 10 they couldn't improve this much at all except graphic wise this is the ultimate captain america game & captain america is no batman.

  6. First of all he says it's just movie tie in mediocrity then 10 seconds later he goes oh it's nothing like the movie……WHAT ARE YOU COMLAINING ABOUT! Uhhhh this game is great along with Deadpool IGN seem to be people that review games but they hate video games

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