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  1. There are also of haters. But I still love this game. I played Crysis 1 and Crysis 3. I enjoyed Crysis 3 very much. People complained a lot about Crysis 3 graphics. But the game had decent graphics and was very fun. I would like to see a Freeroam Crysis game in future.

  2. Maybe I'll think about this one. The gameplay looks alot better. A breath of fresh air. And that bow! I LOVE using a bow. And a futuristic bow?!?! Looks awesome!!!

  3. Many people don't know that this game, as others are all propaganda for the encapsulated realm you live in called earth. The Nanodome in the game is symbolic for the firmament we live under. The "aliens" are the psychopathic new world order (illuminati), and the main characters etc. are the prey to be slaughtered inside the dome. YOUTUBE – THE FLAT EARTH THE FIRMAMENT THE DOME ABOVE US (first video), YOUTUBE – FLAT EARTH ADDICT 05 (first video).

  4. Truth be told: the graphics on this game are at the same level of the current generation. Crysis 2 and 3 were largely underrated, even as games themselves.

    I'm more of an oldschool shooter player myself and really liked these titles (more than the first).

  5. I have the PS3 verison of both Crysis 2 and 3 and I'm thinking about getting the PC version because I can hardly find people to play on PS3. Do people still play multiplayer on the PC version?

  6. My main problem with this series is it takes itself way too seriously. I mean, you're wearing a suit that lets you jump high, punch hard, go invisible, deflect bullets.. you're in a world where aliens are taking over, your main sidekick has such a ridiculously thick accent.. but the game doesn't really emphasize fun. Instead you're forced into this character Prophet who can't crack a joke to save his life. In fact, nobody can. There's so much untapped potential here for such a fun experience, but the gameplay boils down to watching your energy bar go up and down, shooting people with a bow, a barebones stealth system, and generic first person shooting

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