Nokia 7.1 hands-on

The Nokia 7.1 is a premium feeling Android One smartphone that has a 5.84-inch screen, over 400PPI resolution and a beautiful in-hand feel for the price.


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  1. Nice smartphone, even though the 7.1 has HDR compatability, Nokia 7 plus has no notch but 7 plus does not have HDR, I would happily trade for the HDR for no notch. 7 plus display is really good for the price range

  2. finally people started appreciating stock android. security patch is far more important than different look. you can download a theme if you want to.

  3. Well, instead of saying "first", I am going to say it again. Okay, I know you want notch, edge-to-edge display, but you still get a chin. (If you watch videos, it looks normal, but with it vertical, I don't know. Either do it like Apple, like Samsung or give up.)

    Sorry, Nokia. I already have Nokia 7 Plus, a better phone. (I know now that there was a Chinese exclusive phone.) And notch = no buy.

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