Ranton Podcast #7 – Conor vs Khabib, The ACG Story, IGN Plagiarism, Politics & Art

The best podcast we’ve ever done. So much fun. Hope u guys enjoyed it too! TIMESTAMPS 0:35 Andi ballin’ in New York City 3:47 Have you met an SP?


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  1. TIMESTAMPS in the description!

    We had so much fun with this one!! Enjoy guys!
    Cant wait to see your thoughts in the comments

  2. I think politics in videogames are having a hard time because they're being implemented in series which were free of politics beforehands. I wouldn't mind seeing new series pop up which explore those themes, but when it's muh beloved series, it feels dirty.
    Edit: About the Americans in videogames part, one of my favourite videogames, Spec Ops The Line had a beautiful twist on that subject. It looks at the concept of an "American freedom fighter" and twists it around.

  3. He's BAAAAAAAAAAck! So people don't understand why you take so long to make reviews? They clearly have never worked on a creative project. Oh and God of War review is my fav!

  4. S'up everybody this is Ranton from Ranton here to deliver you another review that isn't two minutes long or filled with sponsor bullcrap. If you like the video, eh, maybe subscribe.

    Seriously, though, ACG should not have a problem with a man as charming, sexy, and dank as fuck as you, Ranton.

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