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  1. Gothic 3 is a really well made game in comparison to 1 and 2, from a technical/world/fighting POV. Sadly the story fell behind the previous 2 games and the faction system was disappointing when it came to Orcs (devs got lazy because it was too much to cover world wide). One of the worst things they made was the sniping option with bows and crossbows, that made the game feel like 100% cheating because you could simply hop on a roof or an unreachable piece of land!

  2. Seems like the further a series go's the less innovated it gets. I played 3 but not the others, and they look amazing. Always the same story, Graphics for game play.

  3. 1:45 through 2:09
    Maybe the developers wanted the game to feel like a turn based rpg where there was a chance for both killing and getting killed, no matter the skill (not saying that turn based rpgs don't require strategy/skill)

  4. melee combat is lackluster yeah but being a mage is insanely fun. the variety of spells is fantastic, from fun things like aggro random npcs that just fukken attack everyone to fire rain, ice bolts over summoning entire armies or meteors. god, is that fun. tho once you learn mana reg also extremely strong, 2 fire rains will wipe out an entire town 😀

  5. The amount of hours I put into this game when I was younger was absurd,just to eventually give up because I had no idea what to do past a certain point,after that it was enable god mode and slaughter all the orcs in the cities,ahh the good old times.

  6. Community patch fixes some problems (at least the combat problems and other balancing).
    The Community story project should fix the story/writing problems (it's still not released unfortunately).

  7. I just don't get how gothic 2 had a great combat system and they could've at least copy pasted that to gothic 3, the combat in gothic 3 is such a step back I don't get it

  8. I had tried to play this game around 3-4 times since I can't use English language, I feel it extremely hard and I can't finish it. This game doesn't has any leading guide quest system, just some conversation, after 7-8 years, I can finished this game today (choose Adanos), cry with happiness

  9. i still hope i live until dat day when "real gothic 4" will came out its my favorite RPG franchise started playing gothic 1 when was 12, back in 2002 i have many playthroughts with all 3 games its just have fantastic lore under it and the pontentional there is huge to make another game in this fantastic fantasy world maybe to go over orc lands,where they came from or whaterev idk 😀 and meet again my friends gorn,diego,lester,milten.the gothic 4 lets be honest was shadow of previous games so lets hope that one day somewere in world "the nameless" hero will rise again 🙂

  10. you should defenitly try out the community patch, it is made by the fanbase of gothic , it is free and fixes most of the bugs and it makes the game more challenging. btw whoever says it is unplayable with a mouse has clearly never played a rpg before xD

  11. 1: Gothic 2 – Night of The Raven – Legendary
    2: Gothic 1 – Amazing
    3: Gothic 2 – Very Good
    4: Gothic 3 – Good
    5: Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods – Awful! – The game is weird, different to all gothics and the dialogues are weird!
    6: Arcania Gothic 4 – Ummmm, what the hell is this?! Is this even gothic?
    7: Arcania: Fall of Setariff, are you joking? You call this Gothic? No just no!

  12. In my opinion the gothic series ( except gothic 4 )  is one of the best anyone can ever play on pc. Incredible soundtracks and storyline. Even though I finished all of them ,including the expansions, a long time ago I still play them from time to time and I never get bored. Within the series my favorite is definitely gothic 1!! I would recommend anyone who doesn't know the series to play it. You will not be disappointed!!!…GOTHIC FTW!

  13. I do like this game. Don't get the complains here. I love Risen as well. Going back to Gothic 3 it's like a whole new Risen experience. Love it! I want more game like this! I tried playing gothic 2 but it's just slow and camera as well. Was a turn off for me. Gothic 3 and Risen all the way

  14. I played this multiple times with Community Patch 1.75, and it was amazing. Then, I played it with the Quest Packet  and Content Mod, and it was even more amazing. I guess I'm just lucky that Gothic 3 had pretty much been fixed by the time I even played the first game.

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