Halloween Review (2018)

Laurie Strode and Michael Myers resume their battle forty years later. Is this continuation a return to form for the horror franchise? Watch more movie reviews …


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  1. John Carpenter’s Halloween ? is my all time favorite. So very very excited for this movie. Story wise! They’ve got rid of most of the sequel garbage ? so I’m definitely looking forward to it for sure. And hey ?? #IGN I’m extra hopeful now since you guys rated it 9.0 amazing film. October 19th hurry up and get here… #MichaelMyers is Back!

  2. Glad to hear it was of high quality. Surprised however to hear that it has more of a comedic tone than usual. Probably because the last one I saw was Rob Zombie's Halloween.

  3. I just saw it and maaan this movie is such a thrilling and exciting ride, a beautiful continuation of the first ever Halloween movie. It still have it's plot holes etc but this 9/10 is very deserved

  4. Halloween is the most messed up franchise of all and it just keeps getting worse! First that h20 crap then rob zombies crap and now this really bad crap!

  5. Considering Myers killed men, even in the first movie, this has NOTHING to do with women being the victim of abuse towards men. Knock it off

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