The Bezel-less Smartphone: Xiaomi Mi Mix!

Xiaomi Mi Mix hands-on – the bezel-less display in 2016! Sharp Aquos Crystal: Video Gear I use: …


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  1. 6GB ram is huge.. not sure who its mated with a quad core 2.3.. minimum i was expecting octa core.. some mobiles in this range offers deca core.. plus this one has big price tag i.e. 533 USD in KSA!

  2. Too bad the Mix 2 and 2S use a much smaller screen. It's so irritating that the new Mi 8 ignores all the beautiful design used in the Mix and Mix 2, instead using a big notch.

  3. I have had this phone for three months now and it is by far the BEST smartphone I have owned today. I have the Pixel, S8, Iphone 7 Plus, etc,., and the Xiaomi Mi Mix is my ultimate daily driver. It's very snappy when it comes to speed and I never run out of space. I have the gold version 256GB with 6GB of ram and I just don't see me going back or to any other phone unless it can top this phone. Durability is incredible as well as the looks. Just waiting for that Android 8 to come to my device.

  4. Now here we are, over a year later, where just about all the major phone manufacturers have adopted a near-bezel-less display. Now the Mi Mix kinda just looks…."normal." Still, it's an amazing concept.

  5. I just bought it, had to get permission from XiaoMi to "unlock" the phone (so you can download their drivers for them to work in the U.S.)
    10/10 would recommend, even with the hassle. It's literally half the price of its competitors, you can find them for like $600 USD online, whilst other phones are like easily 1200+ here!

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