Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game Review

Bye bye world.


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  1. No online play…..OH BOO HOO!!
    You know its not a bad thing going back to the way of playing games that was actually fun – you and a bunch of friends sitting around the tv with a 12 pack and some snacks. Instead of sat on your own like billy no mates with a headset playing online. Which unfortunately is the norm nowadays

  2. Great game. It's no longer available on the PS Store, but you can still get it off of Gamestop's website which will then give you a redeem code to download it off of the PSN.

  3. It was hard? I am not hardcore or anything but did play Streets of Rage and TMNT so I knew how to place this game, if you know to battle, back up during animation that isn't walking. You can beat it easily. Plus this is arcade classic, meant to kill you a few times till you learn moves and then it's easy……Damn kiddos just don't know how to play old games….wish I could say I couldn't play newer games but with hour long "Spell gameplay out" levels, every new game is easy

  4. My only complaint is that it's too hard because I Just bought the game via download code (it's off the store) a few hours ago and I was on the first level for an hour on the easiest difficulty. Then i got to the second level, didn't even get halfway, I got a game over, (and nearly snapped out of frustration) and rage quit (all that happened about ten minutes ago)

  5. i really hope one day it comes to Steam this game reminds me so much of castle crashers  including the solo difficulty but the thing is i found the knights bland  and well very boring sure they had super moves but i think thats what gives THIS game that EDGE the characters  simply put they are just awesome please Ubisoft bring Scott pilgrim vs the world the game to Steam

  6. Thing is, this is really more of a couch co-op game. Yes, online play would have been great, but it didn't completely ruin the experience for me.

  7. This game is purely nostalgia, and basically a tribute to old school 8-bit games.

    "No online play"… Well, they didn't have online play back then, if it did, it wouldn't be as good.

  8. For those of you saying "REVIEW IT AFTER THE DLC!!"

    No, they SHOULD NOT do that. A game should be solely reviewed for the way it comes, otherwise the review is skewed. Everything the game lacks on its own are FLAWS and no matter what DLC comes out, it should be judged by its original content.

  9. this is my favorite dlc game but this rating is some bull so just cause no online play it loses 3 points it should have been a 9 and why does this ass gotta sound like couch co op is some shitty thing? whatever im my book it gets a 9

  10. Good job IGN, but now make a review including all DLC packs! Then we'll see what the rating will be… 😀

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