The Bitcoin 1% – How Much Do You Need To Be “Bitcoin Rich”?

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  1. Two years from now the man in the street will only be able to dream of owning anything like a tenth of a Bitcoin upwards. Once the institutional boys on Wall Street, Nasdaq, the London stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange get involved it will pump the price so far out of the reach of the everyday retail investor they will be buying thousandths of one. ….And hating those early adopters just like we all hate those that got into Apple and Amazon early and saw a 47,000% growth.

  2. I started trading crypto last year and I went down the drain until I found a comment here on youtube about Pauline Burnett , I contacted her traded with her and went from having 4 btc to 7 btc. Thanks to everyone that posted about her you're all part of my success story

  3. There will be a time when bitcoin people will be so wealthy, that criminals will know the weakest part of bitcoin security is the grey stuff placed between our ears.
    Ask yourself how much you can handle being tied to a chair with bits of your body being sliced away slowly?
    You'll give up your keys in no time.

    So the best security is to STFU.

    And start now

  4. I think 1 Satoshi will easily reach $1 sooner than people realize. To own 1 whole Bitcoin in the future will only be possible for the extremely wealthy, for the normal Joe in the street it will be possible to buy a few Satoshi's.
    Congratulations to anyone who has a whole Bitcoin right now.

  5. Why yo are so much in bitcoin if there are better cryptos, most of bitcoin is own by fews and they will control de price, is already up to much I know could go further but there are others that look better, transactions are so slow.

  6. How strange I calculated this yesterday myself without seeing your video. My calculation was 2.82 btc as the top 1% of people own 40% of the wealth today.

  7. Get what Bitcoin you can afford but diversify and load up on Litecoin and other sensible crypto's. When the rest of the world wakes up and can't afford to buy 0.01 Bitcoin they're going to drive the price of other crypto's to the moon. Make that Pluto!!

  8. ??? I like to thank Max Kaiser and RT tv to get the point wen was 600$ ???
    Regards to all good people in the crypto train family
    Who buy pizza ? with it(BTC) is gonna trow ?up every time hi see it ????
    Load it up and enjoy the rid /

  9. The 1% of the world's population is misleading as there are many people in underdeveloped nations that have no access to BTC. With that being said, scarcity of BTC will make it digital gold, but not a day to day currency that can compete with FIAT currencies.

  10. Stock beginners question.. if there are only 21mil or less why aren't they all sold at this point? Or is it that owners allow you to buy in and share the profits when it skyrockets ?

  11. Watch the Satoshi wallet start moving funds after full market penetration hits. Some person or group will suddenly be absurdly, wildly, irrationally powerful.

  12. First heard about bitcoin in 2010 when Max Keiser was interviewed by Alex Jones. Like Jones, I laughed at digital currency. I learned my lesson and I'm in now as I'm not one to repeat a mistake. Damn, I wish I had invested that rebate check George W. Bush gave us back then. Lord Jesus…..

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