Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018 – Price Surge Indicators

What will the price of Bitcoin be by the end of 2018? What key technical indicators are pointing to major price action? What fundamentals are driving the price of Bitcoin?

Disclosure: I own Bitcoin…..of course 🙂



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About the Author: The Crypto Lark


  1. all the fantastic figures charts and talk and predictions.dont mean a thing if crypto cant produce what people are saying it is going to do. and thats the truth.

  2. At first i must say i am not a native English speaker but i easly understand every single word you say ,thank you for your talking style and yes we should protect bitcoin and all crypto market ?

  3. If the SpaceX launch in December 2017 sprayed bears into the atmosphere,
    maybe tonights launch could be flooding us with bulls…. fingers X'd

  4. Hey Lark, I love your videos, but not too keen on this one. While I understand the interest to alert people, I feel this video conveys a certain level of fear of missing out which I think has been a problem in crypto in general and doesn't make people better investors in the long run.

  5. Often the things that can influence things is who is involved and who is not involved, can had a influence on any market place. It is always not good to just give up within one signal, always good to push on regardless in mentioning about miners for BTC. I think that btc should be accepted by the largest companies and businesses soon. In the nearest future, this will definitely happen because the market will move forward and changes are obvious. very true. Sincerely as always from JR of Exciting World Cryptos from Canada

  6. Nobody cares how much it cost to mine it because we have better options now.. Just because something is tough to mine doesn't make it valuable.  Look at video games and all the time people waste trying to get those certain super rare items… Yet the world doesn't come crawling begging for their rare item. 
    I have a lot of 1 of a kind things that nobody wants. and they are real and tangible.
    btc is like videogame money… interest in it can dissipate on a whim.
    If rarity is all it takes there are plenty of cryptos with much lower supply than bitcoin and are far more useful.  Yet nobody is fighting for those.

    Sure, it technically has a few uses in the real world but btc doesn't do anything to improve life or be useful in a tangible way that the other cryptos aren't doing in a far superior way…
    IF ANYTHING btc hurts our world because of raising everyone's electric bill and pollution for coal that is burned to fuel it in some places.  
    PoW coins are simply obsolete.  I refuse to invest in any.
    It is irresponsible.

    I just dropped another big wad of cash on the crypto market and not one bit of it passed through bitcoin's hands.  because i have zero interest or faith in it.  Oh i'm sure the sheep will give it some rises before its eventual death, because they don't know any better, but i'm invested in what kills it.. the real future of crypto.

  7. btc breaking down is my vote. it must drop below $2k.  i have a broker who is even calling $1k.  but he is an expert on stocks… so i'll just have to see

  8. Make no mistake,if we get a pump like last year,just hope you sell at the top,,before the major" dump,people will dump and hard,(4 gains/ get the monies back they lost,in hopes for another bear market to re buy in low ,like this year."hopes" lol )and what I believe any ways is after this dump I predict on my numbnuts 8ball…then we shall rise like mofo's CrYpTo lArK NaTiOn 🙂 btc dec > $13,000 dump….to $6,000.rise to $120,000 >end of 2019,,,i have no idea,talking out my ass,it is what my numbnuts 8 ball tells me,and let me tell ya,it's correct a lot lol,come back in a few years this comment will be correct lmao!

  9. That’s the key lark, Bitcoin is global, but the SEC thinks the buck stops with their decisions, they are clearly delaying the ETF because they are waiting for banks and the government to bring in their rules, these idiots don’t realise that Bitcoin is world wide and it has no ruler, it cannot be ruled, the America SEC is a joke of the world, banks can scam customers, oh that’s not bad, we need to chase the little guy, fat joke they are.

  10. The etf is still a giant if. The etf does not matter. if the etf matters sooooo oooo much for the price of BTC it is doomed. There will not be a BTC ETF soon. the last etf passed was silver in 2012…….. think about that for a minute. Then if you still think BTC will get an etf you are retarded.

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