Trading the altcoin BREAKOUTS! Bitcoin’s next MOVE

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How to trade altcoins during the market breakouts. This week we traded the breakouts on Nebulas coin ($NAS), WaltonChain coin ($WTC), and 0x coin ($ZRX). Trading the altcoin breakouts is such an important cryptocurrency trading strategy since it takes out the guesswork of when to buy bitcoin or altcoins.

Aside from the cryptocurrency trading basics, we take a look at Bitcoin’s chart today. Bitcoin is still within the 10-month long bearish pattern and $BTC is currently forming a bear flag within the descending triangle. Will Bitcoin go back up or will bitcoin crash?


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  1. You're literally the best Crypto channel on YouTube- you have the best most in depth analysis, and you explain even the most complicated concepts making it easy for beginners to hit the ground running… you deal with facts, not feelings- there's no "we are going to the moon" or "we are dropping to zero" sentiment from you… and you dont put up this front and pretend to be something you're not- you stay true to yourself and to your opinions and for that reason I will continue to watch every single one of your videos the moment I get the notification and will be grabbing that merch next chance I get ??

  2. Great video! Honesty is always appreciated. Interesting time we find ourselves in, some breakouts happening right at a critical time resistance level. I'm feeling overall optimistic 😉

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