TRC hit the streets of atlanta with a group of insanely fast cars. The group featured a 1900whp Twin Turbo Gallardo(Underground Racing), 1400whp GTR, 1000whp C7 Corvette(S/C+100shot), 1000whp GTR(A10), C5 Z06 Corvette(built motor+200shot) and a group of crazy fast bikes!

Special thanks to chadbeephotography!


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  1. I have a 2006 Viper that was stolen and the engine was toast. Body still perfect. I took out the v10 dec. 2017 and i have a Hellcat crate motor and Painless wiring harness and an ecu for the motor to work in the car. I also went with a 2.3L Eaton Supercharger and a bunch of other racing parts. Just have to get the new tranny dialed in right and a 1" longer carbon drive shaft. It will be fun when it is finished

  2. Young men do thee most STUPIDASS shit when there young!
    I know because when I was young like them, I did STUPIDASS shit!
    220 mph on long beach Ca.frwy back in 1984 on a 1984 Kawasaki 750turbo
    in traffic but! At night !!!!

  3. 1900HP Lambo??? what addons does it have to have that much HP ? I never saw a Lambo with that much HP I've driven a lambo Gallardo LP550 2 just curious 🙂

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