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  1. Later, you can set down a blueprint for a factory that will produce the pieces you need for building a factory, using bots to build the base real quick for you, and then using the products from this factory to build more. You literally begin automating the automation.

  2. It's fuckin $30 on Steam and that fuckin expensive and where the fuck did you get it for $20 which is way more fuckin cheap? Baaahhhh… excellent review.

  3. I was having second thoughts about this game, but you just buttered up my eggroll dude, and you're also so underrated holy shit man, you deserve way more subs

  4. Tsh, how are the bugs evil when they are trying to defend their home from this evil alien who is polluting the crazy.

    Really sweat review.

  5. Love the vid, but I have to say, I only have like 30 hours in factorio and cringe hard af at your factory and manually filling and what not. You got my subscription but if in your next video you enter each drill's inventory and mouse drag coal into the fuel location, I'm out.

  6. Btw ppl, make sure you enable the Beta versions. They are rock solid, improve many small annoyances and provide tons of rich new content – e.g. Nuclear Power

  7. It's not underrated at all if you look at the amount of players. For an unfinished indie game it's being played a whole lot every day. Right now it's the 52th game with most players online on Steam…

  8. dont forget about the ton of mods, omg the mods, soooooooo many mods that even expand beyond your imagniation, planes, ships, helicopters, sending resources offworld , aaahhhh mind fart

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