$10B TRON TRX PARTNERSHIP? WaltonChain Bitcoin SpankChain RuneScape Ethereum & Crypto News

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  1. Jack Ma "retired" and Chinese relationships are not quite the same as those in the West.

    I honestly am not thinking much about this partnership, not without details that likely will never spill out.

  2. gotta love unregulated markets lol…. youd think people would stop getting scammed by now but… lots will fall for the tron pump, just like the verge pump…

  3. Trons partnership will be a let down either way. Its always 10x the hype, then its like, oh, that was it?? I'll take the pony, if its a crypto pony so Vitalik can cry over more than just kittys LOL

  4. I am not a fan of tron but i bought a few, at the price its at now even if it hits 50 cents i make a few dollars, if it don't oh well i just lose a weeks lunch money… whats the worse that can happen..

  5. I watch crypto videos and do my part. I spam and robocall the living dogshit out of those who spam crypto YouTubers chats, like the fucktard below me ☺?

  6. i don’t usually comment but how dare you call runescape a card game. I didn’t play for 10 years and be called a nerd for someone to call this masterpiece a card game. This game is the only reason i ever got techy SO WATCH YO SELFFFFFFFFF or ima drag your ass into the wilderness and gmail ags spec you so damn quick

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