Attention All Ripple XRP & Crypto Holders – Time To WAKE Up!

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Attention All Ripple XRP & Crypto Holders. Time To WAKE Up! Most Ripple XRP holders are losing money and that’s not good.. It’s time to wake and realize people are lying to you.. I want to help you save money.. Xrapid could be a good project but we have to wait for the bull market.. The crypto bear market will hurt a lot of people so be prepared..

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giving out financial advice. This is for entertainment purposes only.


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  1. I listened to about 2minutes and had enough. First of all the community is fantastic. CKJ, Jungle Inc, the Digital Investor, Eli to name a few. You sir, need to wake up!! You don't see what XRP is doing? Wow! You need to really do your homework!

  2. Lol, xrp is a liquidity solution, it’s currently by far the quickest and has the cheapest fee’s making it ideal for the paint point of cross border payments. U can say people are losing money all u want when the whole market has been bleeding out since 2017 bull run. Xrp is actually made to screw the banks, cuts out the BS fees they have been charging and essentially ripping customers off. Most of us hold xrp to eventually sell back to the banks as liquidity, longer u wait, more money will be flowing through the network- which means higher xrp price. Then there’s the side that it may be the new one world currency because it has ties to the IMF and the Fed. Someone holds a lot of bitcoin and is bias- most likely your story? Keep spreading that fud while us xrp hodlers will reap the long term benefits.

  3. Big Ben, Crypto world is a different world, who really knows how long a bear market will last but most investors are optimistic. Fact is BTC is going to stay around for a long time and will be one of the top coins whereas XRP will dominate other coins through becoming the internet of value, they will FORCE people to use XRP one way or another.

  4. Let's say I hypothetically had 10,000k or XRP and I listened to this video and decided "yeah I should cut my losses, this guy may be on to something"… Then on a crazy bullrun XRP shot up to $80-$300…..

    I would personally feel like hunting you down! xD

    Buddy, don't even bother with videos like this. We are investors not miracle workers.

  5. Man I should’ve taken your advice and stopped watching YouTubers, now I can’t get this 8 minutes 31 seconds back that I just wasted listening to this. P.S if you post videos on YouTube you are a YouTuber. Shocking right……

  6. One thing i can truly say, is that no one knows truly what the hell is going to happen with the price of XRP, i do believe the company is worth billions in the near future. maybe not this year or next year , could be the 3rd year from today but this stock will go up because of the problems this company has solved with cross border payments

  7. The government allowed a lot of people to make a lot of money when BitCoin soared to $20K, what makes you think XRP can't succeed in a similar fashion? The market takes a healthy crap, and suddenly the sky is falling, and everyone is an uninformed dupe…. This is a knee jerk FUD video….. Don't fall for this crap folks, if you're holding XRP long term, be calm, be patient, and keep holding.

  8. Told y’all Xrp is going back down to 25c.Xrapid live has nothing to do with the price. Xrp will only rise when bitcoin rise. Smdh told y’all

  9. I do believe XRP has by far the strongest fundamentals of any cryptocurrency and is the one and only contender at legitimizing cryptocurrency. But I am strongly opposed to the 589ers hyping things up and then denying responsibility once it doesn't go to the moon instantly.

    Does ripple have a great team? It does.
    Does XRP have unrivaled transaction speeds? It does.
    Will prices inevitably go up driven by utility? It will.

    But expecting 589 EOY and telling people that is just retarded. What's more is that ''589'' doesn't actually represent a price prediction by bearebleguy123 but actuall is the atomic number for COBALT, which is something ripple is actually and concretely working on. But no, when everyone saw a 3-digit number their eyes were blinded by greed.

    If we get to $1-$2 dollars EOY everyone would make a killing. But no, everyone wants to be an instant millionaire and post moon and lambo memes.

  10. Not gonna lie your video is making me want to pull out of crypto
    I only say it cause you’ve been right about every estimation or statement you’ve said

  11. Technicaly nobody is losing money til they sell it with the price below they paid for it when they bought. Hodl is the remedie for the people who don't understand the markt but want to make some money. You'r right 589 is not a believable price for xrp this year but even you didn't know that btc will go up to 20k. So I like you telling the right story but everybody gots his own bunch of brain I think!!

  12. few years bear market based on bear market in 2013? Ok you lost credibility just in first 4 mins of your video..This is so bullshit to compare 2013 and 2018 in crypto space and base predictions on that..,its like comparing F1 races from 90s vs F1 today.

  13. "Bare markets last for years"… cryptocurrency hasnt been around or popular for long enough that an analysis like this could even be proved valid or invalid. The true nature of the market still hasnt been realized. Any claim to know whats going to happen can only be attributed to estimations and hypothesis loosely based on how the stock market behaves (a partiality invalid resource for crypto predictions)

  14. Awww look at all the triggered HODL-tards ?. I’ve always hated that “Hodl” saying. Learn how to actually trade rather than just throwing money at tops and watching your investment go in drawdown long periods of time.

  15. You can be mad at other YouTubers all you want, content and so many researches have been made. Everyone is here for a reason, to make money. Don't hate on them because not everyone wants to short. Leading a horse to drink water, whole different ballgame after that. Being defensive about what you are trying to get across through hate, good luck with that. We get it, you are a YouTuber who day trades.

  16. Hi, you just have opend my eyes.. youre right. The bear market will last long… very long. Until bitcoin dies there is no market for the other coins (only trough time)

  17. Forgett that idiots on YouTube. The reason i am Holding xrp is a different one. I sepperate xrp and TRX from the Rest of the cryptos. Xrp and TRX is for Holding the Rest of the cryptos are for TRADING. Ripples xrp is an Investment the Rest is for Trading.

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