Bitcoin CRASHED $400 – WHY???? – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and the crypto market just dumped and crashed? Why?
Tune in and find out and have a drink with me!

Tune in and find out! Tune in 10:30 am CST every day to learn about Bitcoin, Altcoins and Crypto market news.

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  1. started investing in crypto last year and I went down the drain until I found a comment on YouTube about Smith Van. I didn't hesitate to contact him, I traded with him and went from having 4Btc to 12Btc. Thanks to everybody who posted about Smith Van, you are all part of my Success Story. You'll need an edge to overcome the laws of probability and the uncertainty of the marketplace. That edge comes from information flow, the ability to correct your habits in terms of the market's characteristics and being able to learn from people who know more than you, expand your information network and take recommendations. It’s no news that Smith Van has been helping so many of us out here with new working strategies to trade our Bitcoin. You can contact him via email at {} seek him guidance.

  2. I posted on your stream 3 days ago that we was gonna break down hard and we did , and I'm telling you again it's gonna break to new yearly lows on Sunday this Sunday we going down near 5k …

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  4. $400 dollar crash…that is not a crash, that is a swing! Buy as it goes low, it is just a good buying opportunity that is all. Crypto is the future and all you people dumping…I am buying your coins and yes, I am that guy who just drove past you in the Ferrari.

  5. THE TRUTH! CVE-2018-17144 vulnerability in the Bitcoin Core is very suspicious and the reason I am out of bitcoin and why everyone else should be out of it too! Its been compromised! take the crash on 11th of October 2018 for example! It would make complete sense for all the duplicated coins to be converted into Altcoins as well then simultaneously sell everything off at the same time when bad news is expected thereby covering up the sell off of the duplicated coins! BITCOIN HAS BEEN COMPROMISED and I challenge people to prove me wrong! REBUILD Bitcoin with mimblewimble integrated and lets start over because bitcoin is broken lets rebuild

  6. buy in the red ..since aug i got in at 6230 sept 6217 n now oct 6205 buying them dips was upset i didnt catch it at 6100 but im good price avg n to the moon 2019

  7. You said we werent going down these past couple weeks. i love your channel and think you have great insight. But, with so many who follow you… i think you need to speak with a little less conviction and speak more objectively. Although you say this is not financial advice, people will take it the wrong way. keep up the goo work though 🙂

  8. Nice shirt. I'm nuls deep, Polymath deep, Elastos deep, Ethos deep, deeponion deep, viacoin deep, Ryo deep – I wish I were Monero deep but that's a future goal.
    Prepare for the possibility of sub $5K – I say this sincerely.
    It would be THE TIME to buy. It's the moment that you're making your future monies.
    Wise words you said, "You need to accumulate as much bitcoin as possible." I would add "…as much bitcoin and monero as possible."

  9. There is no steals !!
    There is no good buying opertunities.

    10-15% recovery in the market just gets wiped back out.

    Rinse and repeat until everyone gets bored DCAing.

    And I'm not fudding, I'm balls deep.
    Everything I own is in BTC, XMR, Hedera Hashgraph and tZero.

    I'm just tired of the gains getting wiped out every month.
    And trust me if I'm tired of it I bet a million others are to.

    I'm in the long hold, but time for a normal life and recheck things in 6 months.

    And trust me there'll be a Christmas dump, big time.

  10. Havent wrote a comment once but been following you since late dec. i invested a lot right before the big crash end of dec. invested in (7) coins. Litecoin and (6) alts , im nervous because i never pulled out. Never touched it once i put my $ in, and trust me it was not a little bit that i invested. What advice do you give? Long hold? 5-6 yr do you see it going back up to December 2017 #s?

  11. October is historically one of the worst months for U.S. stock market. Many crashes over the years in October. The fear that I have right now is the convergence of factors. IMF downgrading estimates, rising interest rates, tariffs, general need for Dow correction(lot of overvalued companies right now). I like your optimism but I am concerned. Midterms would usually work in our favor but Trump has flipped that with his bullshit. People are terrified over health care. Watch the news closely. There are a lot of bad things happening.

  12. Firstly I don't know why stupid ppl ask what "x coin will be at in 10 years?" thats too long a time frame. Secondly, he said if Bitcoin is at $1 mill in ten years, Nuls could be at $200? are you fucking serious nigga? only $200?? surely you mean $2000?

  13. people selling TA, why not just understand when is the selling and buying time of the day… if market dips, buy then if market is up sell. Need extreme discipline as down like this will surely go up. So have to wait this kind of opportunity. Doesnt happen every week but its sure does, better than TA.

  14. We broke bearish and we the same range when läßt time a lot of Manipulation was done
    Did the whales Sold the coins they bought last time?
    It looks Like bitcoin is very weak and if whales decide this time not to buy we will See 5k.
    The mainstream Just löst interest and the Manipulations of course taking away hodlers.


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  16. l9ol all those predictions …. 2 days ago u saw a bull market comming the tumbnail in that video was exatly the opposite of what happen today …. nice predictions 🙂

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