DigiByte Coinbase Adding $DGB As Next New Crypto Listing For The #Coinbase Exchange

In this episode of crypto clout our friend faze crypto talks about #DigiByte and the vast multitude of Cryptocurrencies we could expect to see in competition with Bitcoin and among other top leading technologies and the possibility of seeing Cryptocurrencies like DigiByte on the exchange known as Coinbase along side others lie Bitcoin and Litecoin. Thank you for watching remember to subscribe and comment and share this Family friendly video!
News: DigiByte(DGB) vs Binance


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  1. Omg! Your title says dbg WILL BE added to Coinbase and then you say in the description and in the video itself that it should be added as if you're making a case for it.

    Stop trolling viewers

  2. DigiByte will not be added, but then who cares coinbase is being less and less relevant. Only way to make coinbase relevant again is to add xrp, coinbase knows this but they are scared shitless (literally) of ripple.

  3. Coinbase will be the platform that will bring it to the light, many other projects will be bulldozered, it will start with the price point, then the security aspect will be mind blowing, the rest of the characteristics will be the factor that will have many asking how did this happen; sign the petition to have this marvelous project showcased on CoinBase!!

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