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  1. I like this game but it can't decide it's characters talk in japan or english . Sometimes they have voice over sometimes they don't and it's random. And when the voice over happens it's terrible

  2. I'm thinking about getting into an rpgmmo, never played any, but this one seems fun. I like it when games have unique graphics to them. If anyone had any recommendations let me know, but what I like are: Action RPG, big community, uniqueness, open world is a plus too, fun combat with at least 3 different classes to choose

  3. This game is awesome if your don't mind dungeon based games and repetitive quest… and dying a lot in pvp. In my opinion best game ever as far as live action play.. I also like tera too… 

  4. Free to play or not, people are still looking at graphics when deciding whether to get into a game. Hence why they included graphics as part of the review. It doesn't matter if it's a 3D free to play game that looks like Mario64 or a $1000 2D game with the best visuals the gaming industry has ever seen. People care.

  5. *Thinking graphics don't matter, not even one bit*

    It's not the most important thing, but you're wrong if you think it doesn't matter. Honestly, I don't mind the graphics, but they will factor in a review, no matter what. And you act like an 8.5/10 is bad a thing. That's fucking dumb, since an 8.5 is great for any game.

  6. well compared to other free to play games like neverwinter this does not look as good. its not the most important thing in the world, but it is worth mentioning the graphics.

  7. is this like an rpg where you shange ur armour and become stronger or do you have the same armour theough the whole thing id understand

  8. Well, the gaming market is a competitive one and when we compare the spectrum of free MMO's out there, there are a few high end, well rendered games, so I think it's fair to comment on the graphics.

  9. If you people would read the whole review he says afterward HIMSELF what all you blundering idiots are saying in the comments. The simple graphics may turn away some players but, and quote, "They shouldn't." The game-play and story far outweigh graphics limitations.

    He says "not perfect," not "bad." Come on YouTube, learn to finish a video before flaming.

  10. I personally think that this game is great. I'm one of the Dragon Nest player. The graphic is not bad, at least it looks good, for game play it's awesome!!! I've tried many similar games before, graphics were very well done but game play is incomparable to Dragon nest. The story is nice too. It also has special function such as screenshot and video recording so that everybody can record they game play as they wish.

  11. Really IGN? Graphics is not the entire deal to a game. I rather have okay graphics but good story and gameplay vs a good graphics but bad game mechs.

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