IGN Reviews – Ms. Splosion Man Game Review

IGN gives its video review on the new DLC game Ms. Splosion Man. If you enjoyed Splosion Man, you’ll definitely have a blast with his fairer sex. IGN’s YouTube …


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  1. This is a great game, one of the few arcade games I've actually purchased. It can be brutally rage-inducing, but it's hilarious and a lot of fun.

  2. @grosfredy That's only making it worse. I wouldn't even have the heart to embarass someone that much on a comment section that everyone can read. It's called cyber-bullying bro….

  3. How is this game being very difficult a negative rating? When I hear that a game is stated to be difficult I buy it immediatly as it might prove to be a challenge. These types of games are rare now and you have to appreciate the hard work that's put into them.

  4. Really great game… Although I don't think it being hard is a bad thing. I agree with the 9.0 though. I wish they could make this a mobile game to for android/iPhone…

  5. ms sploson man is supposed to be difficulty isnt it? they reviewed catherine and they said it was difficult and they didnt lower the score…

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  8. @CalmDraven It's not bad, just a bit pointless because what do you earn after you win? Nothing. And I do know you aren't laughing. Plus, no one really wants to argue with you it's just that you are so ignorant, it seems entertaining. Grow a pair or gtfo.

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