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  1. I watched the entire review to find out if it had co op multiplayer , you just gave me a brief one liner :

    “Unnecessary local multiplayer co op”

    That might be unnecessary for you, but for me it’s the deciding factor of whether I buy the game. Would be nice to know the extent of the multiplayer content, full campaign, some side quests or just a board mode etc

  2. Uh guys you do know that this is simular to splaterhouse your the main character juan is just like rick he dies and comes back to life stronger and better just like rick you go thourgh hell in back to save your girlfriend its verry simular

  3. why do people want video games to have voice acting? unless it's something like Mass Effect or a FPS, I really don't think voice acting works well in games

  4. Amazing game. I almost feel bad for getting it free with gold a while back, it deserves my money.
    I also recommend playing it on hard if you're experienced.

  5. great game, but fustrating keyboard controls. recommend getting the console ports or just get a controller adapter if you play on pc

  6. i love guacamelle i playd it on the ps4 and the first impresion was mindblowing it feels awesome to play and the other game time refrences i can go on on on and on pc you could say i was DEAD ALREADY from the joy

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