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What’s your EOY prediction?
What’s your Exit plan when XRP MOONS?
Just a few questions I asked Malpass about Ripple XRP.
Average Joe Investor part 2.
We all have invested a lot of time and energy learning about Digital currencies. I have met a lot of amazing people in the XRP community. They all have a very unique perspective on investing, working, raising kids, and marriage. We all can learn from each other. On my channel I spend a lot of time highlighting the community, bc without the community there is no content creator.
This massive investment opportunity has everybody very excited. I would like to thank James Malpass for being the CKJ Crypto News

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  1. Malpass is a faker. 589 and he will go to work? hell no he wont! going to work for a pay cheque you no longer need and giving away all his XRP to his kids? who would give away all their cash and make their kids rich while they still go to work?? and giving 18 year old's a lot of free and easy cash almost always ends in disaster. None of that is being a good example.

  2. CKJ, you need to look into the Temenos article that was published on June 22, 2017 by Jessica Wolfe. The title of the article is “ The Ripple Effect: Digital Banking In Flux.” This article without revealing the company they are working with , points to Ripple Labs. Read it and see what you think.

  3. Amen Malpass!! My wife was the best thing to happen to me too.
    Great interview yall. Oh, Also, she got me in church too and that was the BEST thing that ever happened.

  4. Two great guys nice to put a face to the name. Lovely to hear its all about family. I second that all about giving kids and grandkids a better start in life. Hats off to you CKJ your so fun to watch keep up the great work you do for this community.XRP going to change so many lives.

  5. Get up…and go to work?? Is he insane. Plenty to do besides working. Love guys that say………Nonsense like that….OH I WILL KEEP WORKING. ITS BORING TO BE RICH………" I want to teach my kids……that we are Poor….So there for…we will keep working….and being a slave in the Matrix is more important to teach my kids inslavement" LOL

  6. I travel the country working too. A buddy came to me with crypto. I jumped into Tron. I bought all the top 10 and 1 at a time and it all led to Ripple.

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