Video Game Developers Are Still Figuring Out Microtransactions

Brian and Tina discuss whether microtransactions in video games are getting better or worse, and when they’re okay to include in a game. Assassin’s Creed …


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  1. In a single player game having children and not having as much time to play doesn't keep you out of the loop, you will just take longer to complete it. These silly arguments in favour of microtransactions are why companies feel free to use and abuse them.

  2. The whole gaming industry needs to collapse and go back underground.
    Mainstream gaming is giving all these gaming companies create awful games and exploitive practices.

  3. It’s atrocious. It’s not the 90s anymore where it was fun to grind exp in Final Fantasy. It’s not an MMO. It was a story driven action adventure game and i loved that. But instead improving the combat towards a more action style the went with an RPG system and implemented a booster for those who don’t like the level spike.
    Just because we talk so much about that is going to earn them so much money.

    I’ll vote with the wallet and buy this game on a big sale or even used. Maybe skip it altogether.

    Make feudal Japan! For how many more years do we have to tell you what we want?

  4. I don't understand why so many people are talking about having to grind exp in Odyssey I havent had to grind at all I just do any of the tons of side quest I honestly wish I had to grind more and craft more either way I love the game and I bought the gold edition and that is all the money I am going to drop on it.

  5. I feel like EA got away with it in Ultimate team forever and then Rockstar with Sharkcards and it just started creeping in. Now EA barely puts out anything that's not FIFA or Madden and Rockstar only puts out a new title every 6 years focusing many resources online.

  6. IGN, I read this article a long time ago. You forgot to mention, these companies are majority publicly owned. They have to have microtransactions because by law, they have to make as much money as possible. Their shareholders come first, so they have to have microtransaction because it = more money….. Like this so everyone knows!!

  7. Microtransactuns are ok for dudes that wannu skip grinding, cuz it's their choice. Just like dropping 25 bucks in quarters at an arcade machine like I wud do back in the day.

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