Kermode Uncut: Car Car Land

Edgar Wright has curated a fascinating season of films at The BFI that have inspired his highly anticipated new car chase movie Baby Driver.


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  1. My fav car chase in film history has to be The Bourne Supremacy Moscow Taxi chase. I have never felt as involved and invested in an action sequence as I have with that car chase.
    Also the gear box POV was an awesome idea, making use of the shaky cam style in a very involving way

  2. Can't wait for Baby Driver, I'm a massive fan of Edgar Wright's filmography, especially Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim. Also, it's nice to see To Live and Die in L.A. getting some much-needed love: a classic crime thriller that – for me anyway – is even better than The French Connection.

  3. My absolute favorite car movie is The Driver by Walter Hill – such a cool movie!
    Can't wait for Baby Driver!
    LOVE Scott Pilgrim – not that into the Cornetto trilogy though!

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