Starlink: Battle for Atlas + Star Fox – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Is Starlink: Battle for Atlas as fun as it is beautiful? And is it worth picking up for the Star Fox content on Nintendo Switch? Find out in our in-depth review that …


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  1. Great, judging by this comment section this is yet another game where a sequel could fix the issues with the game and improve it but people won't give this game a fair chance because it's from a major company. If this was from a Indy studio people would be eating it up and praising it as " unique" and "innovative" even though it would be the exact same game with the exact same issues. AAA game studios have no incentive to actually try anything new if gamer's won't give new stuff a fair chance just because it's coming from a major company, they'll stick to the stuff they know works and that they know people will buy anyway regardless if it's the same game over and over again. All the gamer's that complain about stagnation in the gaming industry but won't give anything new a major company tries a fair chance just because it's coming from a major company are indirectly causing the stagnation they hate so much.

  2. Bought it. Played until the first star fox mission unlocked. It seems REALLY FUN! and…. The star fox mission 'Cash and his bandits' ruined the whole experience for me/us….

    I'm probably going return the game….

    I'm really sad now.

  3. Nintendo Switch exclusives this year besides Octopath and maybe TWEWY have been okay but not really great ya know? I really hope Nintendo brings the big guns next year which seems likely due to Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion, and possibly Metroid.

    Also I know this game is just a Ubisoft game with exclusive Nintendo content I just wanted to voice my opinion here.

  4. I pre-ordered the $80 one, thank God I just put five bucks down cuz I'm just going to pass, is not worth $80 plus is mostly for kids, glad I seen this review first.

  5. Really good review. Just to clarify, it's better to buy the digital version than the starter kit, correct? I definitely want to pick this up but if the digital version is cheaper and has more content, then why buy the physical version.

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