The Last Guardian Review

Team Ico’s much-anticipated third game is filled with the highest highs, and the lowest lows. The Last Guardian Official CG Cinematic Trailer …


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  1. There's a reason this vid has more disliked people who actually dat down and played give it 10/10 100/100 just like people who never played chronic trigger

  2. This is a legit score. The game's story is great; game play, not so much. In order to make a truly great game, you need both aspects working. Game play and story. This has story but game play is lacking.

  3. Im thinking on buying this game new, i think they cut the price, always interested since the launch release, but couldnt afford it at that time, now is the chance

  4. The game is a solid 8. But because the story and adventure is unlike anything you'll ever play I have never played a game as atmospherically and artisticly sound as this game (felt like I was playing a studio Ghibli film), so yes there is annoying controls and finicky commands for trico but you'll soon forgive it as soon you enter a new area and it's amazing environment and how the world feels so Tangible and alive.

  5. 7.0….IGN seriously??? Go play cod modern warfare…You just deserve to play only that nonsence 'games' and stop digging in Masterpieces and just Epic games like The Last Guardian…!

  6. this game is really good, very gorgeous, and a great experience fans of icos previous work must play. But yes it has issues. The camera can be very horrible. No excuses. and the AI is finicky, I recall having trico jump to pillars and then him jumping back down when the only path is up. Some puzzles also are, at times unclear. One I recall has you do an action that is never taught to you, when you look this up in guides they literally say all you can do is wait for the AI to do it. And the boy's controls lack any subtly (though this seems to be an Ico staple). Had this game come out on the ps3 id imagine it be more critically praised, but it didnt. Its greatest feature is its story and characterization, which for me, supersedes all its very real technical flaws. For me its a high nine, minumum 8

  7. The atmosphere and story of this game are amazing. I didnt actually have many issues giving commands to Trico. The main problems were the awful camera and the really annoying and inconsistent controls.

  8. Considering the engine they're working with this should have no to very little glitches and the amount of them while interacting with Trico is unforgivable and quickly becomes annoying

  9. This game is amazing the art style the storyline your bond w Trico is amazing like their other games shadow of the colossus and ico 9/10 from me stunning visuals and great storyline

  10. In today's time where the video game market is oversaturated with the same old ideas in a different package, originality, creativity , a calm gameplay , and successfully creating a bond to a character in the game (and I mean that this bond does not originate from sexual desire) should be awarded. 7/10 does not do this game justice.
    8.5 would be much more fitting.

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