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  1. Modern Warfare 2 is the greatest Call of Duty game of all time! Agree or Disagree? Let us know in the comments below. It should be an interesting debate! Tactical NUKE FTW! – CJ Gibson

  2. My timeline of COD games from first to last.

    1. Modern Warfare 3
    2. Black Ops II
    3. Ghosts
    4. Call of Duty 3
    5. Modern Warfare 1
    6. Modern Warfare 2
    7. Black Ops
    8. World at War
    9. Black Ops III (PS3 Version)
    10. Advanced Warfare
    11. Infinite Warfare
    12. Modern Warfare Remastered
    13. Call of Duty: WWII
    14. Black Ops III (PS4 Version)

  3. Black ops 2 should be number 1 an if not At least number 2. No one really played cod 4 like that when it was remastered. If it was mw2 or b.02 they would of got better attention and sales

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