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  1. No innovation no originality no ground breaking graphics same gameplay as the last ten CODs same gameplay as ten different other games, but it's COD so auto 9/10.

  2. IGN once again showing leniency and bias towards COD by piecing this out as a separate review instead of reviewing as a whole game and disregarding all the issues it has at launch, eitherwise it would get much lower score that is deserves.

  3. Guys, if you don't trust IGN, watch SkillUp. He made a 19 minute review on why he thinks Black ops 4 is the best COD since Black ops 1. This game actually looks fun and worthwhile the $60, despite lacking single player

  4. Haven't played a Call of Duty game since Black Ops 2. I hate Fortnite but like the Battle Royale aspect. I might give this a shot one day (no pun intended).

  5. Literally bought the game today and I’m having a blast. The blackout mode is perfect! Btw this game is gonna do more than entertained me until my ultimate edition rdr2 arrives:-)

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