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  1. Well, this is s conundrum. If you want the best looking big screen version, than get it on the PD4 or XB1, but if you want a version that doesn’t have the extra graphical details and basically amounts to a slightly better looking version of the PS3 release, but has the convenience of being able to play in handheld mode, then get it on the Switch.

    Tough choice.

  2. I own 2 copies of dark souls for Xbox 360 (regular and limited), remastered on PS4, and will get it on Switch tomorrow. Seriously that amazing of a game. All you Nintendonly gamers should dive in!

  3. [Nintendo Switch]
    >Worse graphics
    >Worse audio
    >Half the fps
    >Shit audio compression
    IGN 9.5/10.0

    [PS4 & XBOX ONE]
    >Better graphics
    >Better audio
    IGN 9.0/10.0

  4. Switch Sales are gonna skyrocket since people got to replace their previous switch after breaking it, while fighting OnS. smart move Nintendo

  5. I can't wait to play this on my switch tomorrow. I never got the chance to play Dark Souls when it first came out. I'll probably be terrible at it, but at least my subscribers will find it funny watching me get destroyed. 🙂

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