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  1. This game is VERY RPG heavy and deep. With such dept, this also unfortunately means that there are bugs to the point of being gamebreaking(But the Devs are very responsive and quick to put out patches for the game!). The main storyline might be about 75 hours but expect to put up to 100hrs and more with all the side quest. Fights are hard(On normal difficulty people were still getting party wiped lol. But Owlcat fixed this a bit) and you will be fighting a lot(It's an RPG game, what you expect?). If you don't build your character and team right you will suffer, if you forget to buff you will suffer, if you get a bad roll(Which you will it just happens) you will suffer. But there are helpful Reddit post for beginner's that explains a lot of the game mechanics including Kingdom management stuff.

    Overall, this game is made for nerds that are into heavy RPG DnD stuff. It's easily a 7.5 as OF RIGHT NOW. But 8.0 when somethings are cleared up.

  2. it was too clunky and constantly going between loading screens between the map and the kingdom become unbareable, even with an ssd. If this game had a bunch of quality of life improvements I honestly think it would have been one of the best pcrpgs ever

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