Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has both breadth and depth in all its modes, and the star is its smartly executed take on battle royale, Blackout.


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  1. Well the score is too high but at least you didn't go the IGN route of using that Activision money to actively promote BO4 with more than one video review. A lot of content, really? The only content worth playing, according to you as well, is blackout which is a carbon copy of pubg in looks, gameplay and style. Fortnite is not GOTY material but at least it didn't copy verbatim PUBG. The MP mode on COD STARTED of as a copy of counter strike with faster movement and unlimited respawns. Sounds familiar? Also look at the fucking old graphics and technical issues. COD is being passed around like a cheap hooker, no dev would give more into this game than necessary if they can't take ownership.

  2. OMG I just Created a Skin for my Weapon Yesterday and Now Everybody Has it on it Even Has my Own Personal Clan Tag R3ap on the Weapon Please People Beware if You Create A Custom Skin For Your Weapon Somehow Other People Can Get it Also am I The only This has Happened to?? I'm On Ps4 BTW

  3. No offense but why is a she reviewing this game if she is most likely reading a script and probably didn't play it at all wouldn't it make sense for a guy or a girl who actually played the game and experienced it to review it she just does not sound like she knows what she's talking about. I am not trying to be sexist and I am not sure if she did or did not play it some or at all I am just assuming she didn't because lets be honest a girl is mostly likely going to play something like Overwatch before they play Call of Duty she also never gave her own opinion once.

  4. Shit never gets new – not even a word about pay2win loot box mechanics. Not a word about microtransactions in this full price 'game' with several different editions. Yeah very 'credible review'.

  5. black ops 4 has so many fucking flaws is crazy ttk is so random, you could aim a guy shoot him 5 times before he sees you then die by one shot with an ar. they need to balance the fuck outta this game not to mention the spawns. Also shotguns are ridiculously unbalanced got shot like 50 feet away from a single shotgun and just melted me

  6. Christ I actually hate 2018 who fucking cares about his accent honestly what the fuck she's not even Asian she's just assuming people would be offended

  7. Sorry that the primis crew isn't funny anymore they're not supposed to be. Go to Ultimis crew for jokes. Primis crew is supposed to be serious and heroic. Not funny. They're in jeopardy and the agartha is in jeopardy in Blood Of The Dead because they are trapped. It's a serious Map. Not a comedic one. Gamespot you gotta do some research bruh ?

  8. "Some of Takeo's dialogue is borderline offensive". Richard Pryor, Joan Rivers, Eddie Murphy, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin and Don Rickles made jokes about racial stereotypes for decades and we all laughed, now EVERYTHING is "oh so offensive".
    PS: Japs really do like sushi, what's offensive about that? News flash: Rednecks like Nascar and blacks like fried chicken. We're all just people and cracking jokes about our differences is the only thing that keeps life fun.

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